P O E M // A Little Flower

Writing poems have become another habit of me. A rare one though. I don't scribble down words randomly for poems because it feels like a disgrace to ruin a verse or two without any idea. Maybe it's only me to feel this way. Poems and poetry have a H U G E impact on me. So if there isn't any clear idea, I won't write one. (that's why I hardly have new poems in my diary now. Lazy me)

The first idea always striking my head for a poem is nature. Flowers and sky. T Y P I C A L. I know *sad face* Ern well if it isn't nature, then some hopeless dramatic thoughts strike my mind which are so stupid that I can't even. Bahaha!
The newest entry in my poems is this poem I'm going to share on my blog today. Again, flower. But flowers are my main inspiration. How they grow out of a small seed and become a glorious buddy, it really inspires me. Same way, I think a person grows the same way. Slowly and beautifully. Bearing the hardships of life and finally turning into the beautiful thing that would be remembered forever. Unlike those who got withered. It's sad. But reality is usually sad.

*cough cough* It's getting too serious and philosophical so let's just get back into poem.

"A flower so little,
Grew in a small pot,
Around it were withered leaves,
And dirty soil was all it got,
None came to adore it,
For them it looked so bad,
The little flower always felt it,
Being ugly made it so sad,

Possibilities were it would die,
Since it didn't have a way of joy,
But it stood still, with sunshine and dew,
Its bravery shone out and attracted a few,
It grew prettier and stronger day by day,
No matter how ugly other pots and leave would stay,
Little flower wanted to rise,
It just felt pretty, it became nice,

Townies noticed it someday after a while,
For them it was a rare beauty in a mud pile,
Somebody took it to a new place,
Where little flower had all of the grace,
Fresh water, soft soil and so many scents,
Everyone adored it, ladies and gents,
What if little flower had given up?
They would have thrown it out of the mud,

It's not always beauty outside that counts,
Sometimes you've to fight off your wounds."
- Noor Unnahar

While writing this post, a very heartbreaking incident happened in Pakistan. A terrorists attack on a school in Peshawar, killing hundreds of students and leaving many injured little souls behind. It is so heartbreaking to see it all happening. We all are devastated. May Allah rest them all in peace and give strength to their families. Ameen x

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  1. This poem is really beautiful, twinny! And my heart still aches for all the kids :/

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about what happened in Pakistan.. that's so horrible.. I don't understand how people can be so heartless and cruel. It's a scary aspect of humanity.. Hope peace comes soon to those affected.. Take Care Noor -Iva

  3. wonderful poem and story-telling, something very poetic about nature.
    It's heartbreaking that something like this can happen and has happened in the real world :(

  4. So heart touching.you are so good in witing.So proud of you.

  5. I can't imagine what the parents and families must be going through! Such a beautiful poem.

  6. i do love your poem. so heart touching. i used to write poems, but i was pretty afraid to rewrite again, cause i had a bad experience lol

  7. Just love your poem . One of the extreme depressing day for me and
    surely for everybody out here!
    I am out of words. Breath-stuck-in-throat. May Allah give strength to there families to cope there loss :/


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