New Year's Resolutions | 2015

2 more days to 2015 - N E W Y E A R- woohoo! I am really excited for this one. 2014 was meant to be the year of progress, which it claimed to be (in all good and bad ways that I can't even). Whatever, it's ending and now it's the time for me to set goals and resolutions for 2015. It's been a few years since I started sticking to goals and actually completed them. C'mon, I was a kid a few years ago so my experience is still stinking less. I may or may not be the person who sticks to goals.

I have two ideas to break down my plans for 2015 :
1) Resolutions
2) Plans

Today, I am making resolutions posts and on January 1st, I'll make the 2015 Plans post (for our link up Holla New Year , that y'all should join)
Holla! new year (a link up)

N E W   Y E A R   R E S O L U T I O N

// Work Out
I am still surprised for actually putting working out on my resolution list. I've never, ever, been a work out person. Let alone make it a goal or something. But in the mid-end of 2014, I realized I shouldn't be thaaaaat unaware of health stuff. Though I'd go for occasional morning and evening walks, but it wouldn't help me, of course. So in new year, I'll be trying some new exercises, maybe yoga and some running (okay, maybe not running. Walking).

// Follow A Routine 
Can I tell you a disadvantage of growing up? It's time limits. When you're old, or turning old, time seems to be running fast. Unlike the good ole days. If you don't keep track of activities you've got to do, it will simply mess everything up (see also: excessive playing of Candy Crush Soda Saga). I tried hard to go on an unplanned routine, but half year of vacations off studies and then suddenly college, well not so suddenly, I think I haven't been on a routine in past 6 months. So I'll be making a new effective schedule for the whole year and would actually stick to it. Wide smile. WIDE.

// Be a better person
It's too wide to explain. Even for myself. How do you be a better person than you were before? I got it defined for me, don't worry, this very un-pro definition also comes from me.
Be kind , give more ,  speak the truth , face the reality , fix your insecurities , help others + more.
(it's officially very , very philosophical)

// Write more
YASS!!! this is what I'm looking forward to. I've worked on poetry and general writing. I need to work more on them. Get them refined a little bit more. Even if they're not so great, I should keep working. Oh and practice more calligraphy. Albeit the fact that my general hand-writing is crap, I adore calligraphy to death.

4 major resolutions. One little girl (meee!!!) and a big wide world. Let's see happens in twenty-fifteen. Wish me luck!

Have you set any goals / resolutions for 2015 yet? 
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  1. I feel the same; all the best to you in 2015 lovely!
    Estelle - www.letmegoxo.uk

  2. for 2015 i want to be a better person! <3!!

    i invite you to visit my new entry

  3. I have tried to to follow resolutions I set year after year but that just never seems to happen -_-'
    Keeping smaller goals helps me achieve more than when I do keep resolutions.
    Good luck for 2015! ♥

    -Kathie K

  4. Working out is top of my list as well!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  5. I hope you can achieve all of them, and that you have a wonderful 2015! With love,


  6. Oh gosh I definitely need to start working out! That is definitely something I need to start working on TODAY not just on January 1st lol Good luck with your resolutions and goals!


  7. Hey Noor! We really don't stay in touch often enough! :(
    Hope you're well!!

    Good luck with your resolutions and goals - they all sound very realistic if you set your mind to them!!

    Have fun with the celebrations!!!

    All my love,


  8. Ah! This reminds me that I need to write about my resolution, too! I'm liking the new look of your website by the way!

  9. I love how your posts always sound so cheery Noor! I'm gonna try to get into a better routine too, and stop wasting time on silly stuff.
    17 is a funny age to be isn't it haha? Half grown up and half not!
    I've written my resolutions in my latest post :)
    lily x

  10. Good luck in your resolutions, Noor :)

    Corinne x

  11. Hey Noor! Good luck with all your resolutions! I hope you have fun while doing all of them!

  12. Best of luck with your resolutions Noor! Hope you have a great New Years Celebration Noor! Take Care -Iva

  13. Wishing you all the best and success for the New year! Have a happy shappy one :*

  14. Hi Noor, it's good that you have resolutions and plans for 2015! It's always good to set goals and plan ahead :) All the best for 2015! :)


  15. Working out is on my list too! Haha...it is a truly sad part of growing up. Boo, responsibility!

  16. I just came across your blog! I love your theme :) Also, good luck on your resolutions and happy new year!



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