Different Kind of Thanks-list

One thing life has surely taught me is to be grateful, at least for a moment or so. You never know when it is going to end. Which it, surely is. But seriously, real life has got more problems. Like so many of them.
In my new year resolutions of 2014, I was going to be more thankful and grateful and stuff . 2x more grateful in 2015 and 4x in 2016. I think I did 60% for 2014, awesomely. So I am going to list everything I have been grateful. Well it is not going to be I'm grateful for everything in life because .... whyyy it's too mainstream (and unreal. None is actually grateful for everything in life)
It's a different kind of thanks-list.

// I'm thankful for tea to keep me sane when I can't help myself going nuts e.g  while doing homework, working on something nerve-wrecking, cramming a test.

// I'm thankful for actually ending up in Commerce. I was confused, somehow baffled by my own choice of studying a part of something I loathed at senior high school years. Tick tock, it was not as bad as I anticipated. And of course, faaar better than anything else.

// I'm thankful for long talks with Amma Jaan (mom)
Me: You know what, I want to pack my stuff and go on a long journey in mountains. Or maybe study till I get a Masters degree and a phd plus another degree or keep sleeping until I die. The sad part is that all of it at once is not possibly normal. Am I not normal? 
She: What else can I expect from a 17 years old? it's completely fine.
Me: You really think so?
She: But sleeping till you die is a little creepy.
Me: Well, I think the same.
The one like that ^.

// I am thankful for online shopping. If it hadn't been invented, it would be hard to recover my anger with shopping. Ya know, a few treats for my bad moods without letting anyone know.

//I'm thankful for alarms. I lack the ability to wake up at the right time or even at time at all. An alarm is not just an alarm , it's DA ALARM .

// I'm thankful for my college bestie. She is always helping me figuring things out. Like :
"Your hair look like a mess"
"this red highlights looks great on you but get dip-dyes instead."
"We need to run away from here."

Albeit it's something else I'd do rarely.

// I'm thankful for emojis. YASSSS. When I am half confused and half certain about a sarcastic comeback because it may sound mean so I'd add an emoji in the following text and ta-da , it won't hurt any single person on earth.

What are some unusual things you're thankful for?
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  1. The I wanna sleep till I die bit is so me! :D Emojis are ingenius! ;) xx

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. Sleeping is contagious for me. And beds and couches are like magnet to the iron of my soul. I R O N Y !!! x

  2. Tea could make your mood better any day x)

    1. Haha! that's simply the truth. Tea over anything or errrryyything x

  3. I would have to agree! I'm more of a daily coffee drinker, but when I'm in a mood, I always go back to tea!

  4. I agree completely!!! I love this post!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  5. How dare you forgetting to put ME in the list somewhere??!!??

  6. Love the post,I wish i could write like you!So proud of you:-)

  7. online shopping is the best invention for sure!


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