2014: Best of everything

It's hard to believe 2014 is already coming to an end. With halfway through December, 2015 is waving a holla at me. HOW EXCITING!!!!
2014 has surely been the year of progress and somehow loss. Though in the end, I can see the things I lost didn't matter to me in any good way. So, 2014 is, year of progress and good loss. Except of my newly stolen iPod which contained 19GB of personal data *heart breaks*

The best of everything that happened in 2K14 , I am listing it down on blog.

Studies: I completed high school in the start of 2014 and got into college in late October. The big-girl life has started, yassss. There's a long way to go in academic matters but the first milestone has just started.

College : Don't ask me, college has been wonderful. Like really wonderful. I won an Executive seat in college election , attended numerous events and met SO many people. I didn't see it all coming. Well, it's hard to determine life outside of high school goggles. But you get to learn it eventually.

Life in general : I have never been more responsible WHOLE my life. I had intended to be a more responsible and more sensible person but as every year's resolution, I thought I couldn't complete it. A fake haha! for this one.
Another thing was to listen to my parents , to whatever they said. Whatever they wanted me to do. I did. To be a good daughter in a grateful way. Though some things were hardest to do. Hard as rock. But I did. I hope I get rewarded for that. I usually hope for a reward when I do something good. You see, life is all about doing good and having good. Wink.

I, as a person : Umm okay, I will be honest. In my head, I'm the kindest person alive. Who might have made a few mistakes. I bet reality must have been different but I certainly don't know. I kept the ritual of making few friends. Being more closer to my family, which was the best thing evvaaa. Areeba and I did so many things together. Huzzah!

Blogging : I didn't blog much, to be honest. I took a million breaks for exams and for moving and for killing a dragon . Though I started writing poetry and other cool writing stuff that's completely W O A H. I have so many plans for my blogs in 2K15 , hopefully they will go all well.

How was your 2014, in general? x
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  1. Oh! I'm glad you had a great 2014! Good luck in college, and with everything else! have a wonderful 2015!
    With love,

  2. I'm sorry about your ipod D: that's awful! Have a wonderful christmas and a wonderful new year :)

    natalie @findingmyownvoice7.blogspot.com

  3. your 2014 looks great! Hope 2015 will be even better!

  4. It sounds like your 2014 has been wonderful AND productive! x

  5. Starting college is a great achievement so kudos indeed! :) 2014 was very productive and I'm proud I've stuck to my blogging groove thus far. Hopefully 2015 will be full of many awesome adventures! Have a great one Noor -Iva

  6. Love how honest you write down in few paragraphs. Wishing you all the best and beatest for coming 2015! :) xoxo

  7. Hi there Noor!

    Looks like you had a great 2014! :)

    I just stumbled upon your blog and I noticed that you do some blog design. I'm pretty interested in design too. I also saw some hand-lettered/calligraphy work in some of the blog designs you do and they're great! I actually do some hand lettering and I put up my work on my design-lifestyle blog.

    I also read that you're a twin. I'm a twin too! I'm the younger twin and my sister is one minute older than me. We're really close and she's my best friend. Looks like we have a few things in common! :)

    Love your blog. Great post, and all the best for 2015! ♥



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