What I Would Tell My College Freshmen Self

Hey there Noor's Place readers! I'm Katie from Something Winnderful and I'm lucky enough to be here chatting with you all today. Now, I know Noor is new to the college scene and it brings back memories of my first year of college, (which I'd like to think wasn't that long ago). Those four (ok, five) years had many tears shed, many late nights, and A LOT of lessons learned. Today I wanted to share with you all a few things I wish I could go back and tell little 18 year old Katie. Advice I would give myself in college if I could go back in time. Studying your butt off for the first major test in a class will ALWAYS be worth it. So will completing all those little assignments. When you do well on the first test and do all the little work, it will save you from SO much stress at the end of the semester. You'll learn this lesson after the first semester, but probably not ever listen to it. Plus, all those little grades really make a difference when you're that close from a B to an A (or an F to a D).
Nothing good happens after 2 am....but a lot of the good stories you will tell years from now will. For example, you will regret the Tour de Franzia that will prevent you from EVER enjoying wine of any kind. That three day hangover is going to be miserable, but it will be worth it. You will tell the stories of that night for years to come. Seriously, half the people there will end up being in your wedding.
Your friends will never hate you for being responsible. I gotta say, I'm very proud of you for having fun and still being responsible. Schedule that taxi, call that pledge, take that person's keys and don't let people leave alone (or with someone sketchy). Your friends will never hold a grudge for you keeping them safe. 

The guy who pushes you to change your beliefs and morals is not the right one for you. He will make good points and you will think he's right. You will think you made the wrong choice by sticking to your standards. You will even let him keep coming back into your life throughout college. But you will never regret sticking to your morals.

You will not be in a steady relationship through most of college and you will not have an engagement ring by graduation day. Be thankful. All those guys who had the potential to be "the one" are not the man you should marry. In fact, the guy you literally said, "no, I would never date him," happens to be the guy you're gonna end up with. You will eat your words and be completely fine with it.

Speaking of "the one," he doesn't exist. You will date several guys who you think have the potential to be your husband. And to be honest, you could've probably ended up with some of the those guys and have been happy. Love is not a feeling or intended for one single person. Love is a verb and a commitment to acting it out regardless of the emotions you are feeling at the time. What makes a person "the one" is the fact you both chose each other to commit to for forever and ever.

Save your money. You will be thankful one day you saved up a large emergency fund. What would your future self even more happy would be if you save even more. Did you really need that dress from Forever 21?

Those five years of college will go by fast. (Yes, I did say five years, you'll understand by your junior year.) It will be so much fun. Ms. Pat was right when she said majority of what you learn in college will not come from a classroom. In every moment you feel regret, disappointment, fear, and pain, know that it is shaping you into the person you are meant to be. Take a deep breath, don't be so hard on yourself, and know that it will all be okay.

And just a few thoughts to all you new college students out there. Know that you are lucky. If you are reading this post from the comfort of your dorm, know that you are incredibly lucky to be there. As I watch my husband work 40 hours a week and stay up late doing homework because he wasn't fortunate enough to have college paid for by his parents, I know how truly lucky I was to not have to worry about where my tuition money was going to come from. There are people who had it much worse than I did and there are people who have is worse than my husband. Know that you are lucky and you owe to all those that support you to work hard, enjoy every moment and know that every experience will shape the person you will become.

Last but not least, don't over stress about anything. When I look back at the time I spent worrying or freaking out over something I just have to shake my head. I knew at the time that I would never have as few responsibilities as I did right then, but now that the real life adult responsibilities are here, I know I should have been much more relaxed in college. Thank you everyone for sticking it out until the end of this post! I'm so glad I was able to share this with you all and I hope you'll hop on over to Something Winnderful and see what else I've got going on. You can also hit me up on Twitter and Facebook, get lots of inspiration from my insanely organized Pinterest page, or do some creeping on my Instagram (which you really should, I have the cutest dog ever).


  1. The years will fly by and you'll look back with a smile Noor. It's true about learning lessons from the first semester but it'll be hard to stick to them! Keep at it tho because it's all worth it. You'll meet people who will be your friends for a lifetime and others who will be there for a short while. Great advice in the post! It's only after you leave that you realise how privileged we are so grab the chance and make the most of it :)

  2. oh man. so good! there is a looong list of things I'd tell my younger self! ;)


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