Two Days Of Being Starstruck

On a very peaceful, normal and busy Wednesday , I entered my college building and walked over to my faculty. On my way, the huge view of college could be seen. When I passed auditorium, there was a television show van at the back door of auditorium. And that show belonged to Pakistan's leading tv channel, Samaa.
"Is there going to be a show or something?" I thought. I had seen previous shows from same channel being recorded in different colleges but since I had 0% interest in morning shows, I just let it go. But now when I could see their van in MY college, all occupied with wires and tiny satellite placed on it, I was excited to see what might happen.

I am a college executive, so when assembly was about to start, I went to stand at stairs where all executives stand at assembly time. But there were some other women in assembly, rushing around and wanted us to get into auditorium as soon as possible. Because we were actually having that show recorded in college, with all of us. Again , OHMYGOSH.
Long story short, we were all seated in auditorium and show went on. Like those live , hectic morning shows we've always watched right behind our television screens.
I'm at the left-down-bottom. Right above the girl with red scarf. How....small. But I'll take it.
Photo by their official photographer.

Show name : Subah Saverey Samaa Ke Saath (it means morning with Samaa)
It was hosted by Sahir Lodhi , guest appearances include Zubaida Tariq, Kiran , a Chef and a stylist.
There were songs, competitions, gifts and whatever I can't name. Though all of it wasn't something my type, still it was exciting. Cameras, lights and boom bash bang. I was cursing the time when I decided to leave my iPod home. I don't even have a single original photo from event. Still, none knew what was going to happen.
After show ended, I could only get two autographs and no photograph which is worse. I now keep an autograph diary with me because my college is seriously a place to get starstruck any time. Counting from the start, a national player, a government official, an Olympic player and an international team, so many events every other day  and now a whole crew of entertainers. I should be legally appointed a camera, in my defense.

Before leaving college, I was already invited into another episode of same show. My sport department had this invitation to attend it the very next day and obviously, I needed to be there. SO I was going to be there. Huzzahhuzzah!
Khair, I got back home and there was a huge news waiting for me. Huge, I mean HUGE. Just because the following day had already been excited and cheery enough, life was going to pull some strings out of my happiness cloak. My iPod, which is clearly an essential part of my life, was not in my room anymore. It was stolen.
This news hit me like a lightening bolt. "What do you mean it's not here? I put it on table. As always. Where could it possible go? Nobody uses it except of me. Charger is still here. WHERE IS MY PODI-PODI?" I asked Areeba and Amma jaan who came for a quick condolence. But of course they didn't have an answer. None had it. The only outsider came into my room was our maid and she refused. Woah, why would she even say yes? My family was possibly the softest to interrogate. If I were there, I could just take it out of anywhere on earth. Since it was out of connection, I couldn't even track it on iCloud.

I was hysterical throughout the day. It had surely been a fun day but my iPod was stolen RIGHT OFF my room and I was pretty sad (and exhausted) about it. I also had to be prepared for coming event very next day. "ah , it would have been perfect except of this robbery." I let my hard thoughts go and went to sleep way earlier because my face looked like a mess , swelled and runny with constant crying and tension. (okay, I really cried for two days)

We set out for the other show at 7:45 in morning. A show meant NO UNIFORM. I took Galaxy tab with me , missing iPod and refusing camera. Knowing the fact Galaxy's has a terrible camera. Still. Stubborn.
Samaa's office was in Old City (Karachi). Where half buildings were dated 1879 or something. I love that part of city. But it's so crowdy and messy that you can't really go there. Unless necessary. Oh how I wish I had photos , that I didn't take from tab, in complete dismay.
(though Amma Jaan had strictly asked me to stay like a cheery kid all the time. Little did she know)
Elevators took us to 15th floor. Whoops, I usually dislike heights but in a skyscraper, it doesn't really matter. Or it does. I was so busy to realize.
Before show started, their team showed us around their set and stuff. Cameras, lights, artists, screens. What was something I couldn't see there?
Show set.photo taken by me #finally

The topic of the show was on really sensitive social issue. Everyone was so focused throughout the show. It seemed unreal to be on an actual set and see how things really happen behind the screen. Woah!
After the show ended, Sahir Lodhi came and we all had a group photo together. Moreover, when we were out to leave, I asked him if I could have a selfie with him.
my swelled face. oh no!

I learned quite a lot in those two days :
-don't ever leave your gadget alone in your room. Never. Ever.
- keep something in your pocket that's able to take photos if you've got a popular college like mine unless you'll end up regretting every single second of your existence (maybe a little less)
- don't cry your eyes out if you've a nation-wide show to attend. Your swelled face and eyes will look horrible.

My iPod is still missing, because our maid (who is an ex-maid now) swore hard and she's never going to give it back. Nor my parents are willing to inform or indulge police. So I take another note on "how to be a good parent 101" and it now includes "report in police no matter who's the culprit. If they made your kiddo sad, they deserve a treat from police." notes, made! Albeit I will get a new iPod soon. Until then, I will be missing podi-podi :(

Have you ever been starstruck? Or attended a live show? 
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  1. Oh you cutie-pie! <3 Glad to see your enthusiasm for the transmissions while sorry your lost Podi! :( I've had way too many things striped off my room thanks to the shady maids.. ;( Nonetheless, I hope you get a new one soon! :) x

  2. your college is amazing boo!!!!!! I am sorry for the lost iPod.

  3. I would be so very lost without my cell phone! I love it! I am so sorry for your loss:( I hope you get another one soon! Your college sounds awesome!

  4. Hi Noor! Just dropping by to let you know that I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award!

  5. So wait your ex-maid took your pod? I'd be super pissed. I'd personally take it back, lol! How awesome to meet a show host!! I've never met anyone worth noting but that's an awesome experience, even more so that you were able to snap a selfie!! Have a great one Noor! -Iva

  6. Aww I'm sorry about your iPod. It's great though that you are enjoying college! :)

  7. I was quite worried about your Podi ever since I get the air of that horrible news. I was praying for this to magically appear in your room again. God bless!
    And yeah congratulation on being Starstruck! Great photos! :)

  8. Oh no! So sorry you lost your iPod! Your first picture reminds me of this one part of Monsters, Inc. http://youtu.be/431KmmNU8rA :) But we got to see your face!

  9. Sorry about your iPod. Mine was stolen once too out of my car. Not a great feeling knowing its gone :( That's so exciting to be on a show!! Looks like so much fun!

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about Podi Podi. I hope it's not stolen and turns out somewhere in the house. Tell your maid you reported the thing to the police and it has a tracker. She'd get rid of it or hide it in your house, but I know these people have huge guts. I slave around doing domestic chores now that I live in the US but o never miss the maids from my old days in Karachi for the very same reason. The one we had used to steal Shan Masalay from the pantry and her husband used to sell them for gambling money. How horrible is that. There were several other petty thefts like that almost every other day.


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