Storm Chasing

In past week, Karachi was facing a threat of a HUGE cyclone, named Nelofar. That could possibly hit the southern coasts, resulting too much destruction.
But thankfully, by weekend it had been tamed. Though weather got pretty tough, like for real. Winds, heavy rain and dropped-to-ice temperature. Me, having a bad flu, wasn't too excited over weekend because
1) I had too much homework in delay that I STILL need to complete
2) Flu got me cray

When the sun of Friday got down and winds of Saturday came up, I completely forgot about homework and flu and set myself out for some stormy night. My family has some sense of adventure and we'd always have a storm chasing if it intends to happen around. OF COURSE NELOFAR WAS A REAL STORM. How could we miss it?

When baba jaan (dad) officially announced that "brace yourself, we gotta chase a storm", I was like...
"for real?"
"we won't die right?"
"could someone take care of my camera please?"
"Will cops get us?"
"I don't wanna die at 17"

Turned out it wasn't possible to hit the shore because of heavy rain but at least I could see raining wildly on roads, after ages perhaps.

Around 11 PM, our car was running wildly (or less. Ops) on road. I am glad I wasn't the one driving because of multiple reasons and the top of them all is I am pretty uncertain about my skills just YET. Let alone handle a whole car stuffed with my people in a wild rain. Scary boo!

Something I totally love about storms : LIGHTENING!
It can be a bit terrifying , okay. But lightening is unrealistically amazing. It seems like a biggie big camera flash. Beautiful.
While everyone rested at a petrol pump, I was looking outside of window then suddenly a huge lightening struck the sky. Oh eem gee! Ernnn I am just glad I wasn't...outside myself.

This kinda local adventure was way too fun than those planned boring ones. I am honestly glad Nelofar didn't hit Karachi unless I wouldn't be reporting this here because I'd be dead. Okay I don't like the sound of it.

Have you ever done storm chasing?

My wonderful blogging fellow and sponsor Iva from Yes I am crazy. That's why I am awesome Blog is sharing some fun bits via my crazy questions. If you haven't read her blog , you're less intelligent presently. Oh yeah I am serious.

Q1: Could you tell us something about your college life? (just because I just started college, I want to know ERRYTHING) 
It's challenging but fun - If you live on campus you get more the college experience, I did both living on and off campus. I'm currently working full time so no college yet, hoping to return late next year :D

Q2: If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be? 
Ha, getting married.

Q3: Is there any quote or saying that has a powerful influence in your life?
Think before speaking and speak when necessary. YOLO.

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  1. I Love your pictures! They're awesome! Of course here in Florida, we don't have to do much storm chasing. They pretty much knock on your front door! But I love a good thunderstorm at night! Makes for good sleeping! Great post!

  2. I was out that night and the rain was awesome! :D We won't do something as crazy as storm-chasing because my dad hates to drive in the rain so let alone storm! :P Hope you're feeling better now. :) x

    ♥ Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  3. We had cyclone HudHud in October. It was pretty crazy. But fortunately Hudhud did not come to Kolkata. But all the other cities were very badly affected by Hudhud.

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    Greetings from Italy

  5. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I invite you in my photoblog "photosphera" and "flash curiosity news".



    Greetings from Italy

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  7. Glad you guys are OK and nothing seriously awful hit your area! Winters here can kinda suck so I'm hoping for a moderately tame winter although, I hear otherwise! Thanks for the spotlight and hope your studies are going well Noor! -Iva

  8. Philippines has been through a lot from storms to tsunami to cyclones to earthquakes. It's scary everytime but I get I got used to it already. Glad you're okay :)

  9. Our country also experience a lot of storms but from where I am, the south part of the Philippines, we haven't experience such cos we're surrounded by mountains and forests. hihi. anyway, stay safe! :)

  10. OH SO THAT'S WHAT NILOFAR WAS. I'd been seeing pictures on facebook of this crazy lady standing in the ocean with a gun and the caption being "Nilofar" and I was like wtf plus I got this whatsapp message where there were tons of people standing at the beach and the caption was "Itne sare mard dekh k nilofar mur k india chali gai" so I was really confused on what the heck nilofar was xD (lives in Islamabad) Thanks for clearing it up! I'm glad there wasn't any major damage in Karachi!

  11. Omg this sounds terrifying but also amazing. I love storms but definitely not from a car...from my house only!

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