My Favorite Apps (iOS)

There are two most important things in my life : food and my iPod.
If I am exaggerating, it could be verified by Amma Jaan (mom). I've an iPod Touch 5 which is , in short, the best gadget ever and my photos, notes, writings, contacts , texts , food, books stay in it. Huzzahhh!
I can be pretty greedy about storage so instead of having so many useless apps on podi-podi (yeah this thing has a name and I have been breaking records of giving everyone ugly public nickies since forever) , my apps collection is tiny and SUPER selective.

Me: I need to have a new photo college app.
*searches app store*
*finds 100 good apps*
*chooses four of them and download*
*checks each of them and choose the best one*
It's hard.
Today, I am sharing some of my favorite apps of all-time. They're amaze-balls and I can't really picture my existence without them. Okay it might be a little over-said but who doesn't over say things when it's about tech stuff they're not specified about? gahhh! Excluding the social media apps like Facebook , Instagram because c'mon, we know they're essentials.

// VSCO cam
It's my favorite photo editing app so far. The filters, the functions, the layout and design. Everything from VSCO is amazing.

// Retrica
Being a self-claimed selfie pro makes me wanna love this app. Though Areeba kind of dislikes this app. Dang! Retrica has so many cool live filters and colleges. I think it's safe to say that it's my in my 101 favorite things.

// Kik
Basically Kik is a messenger. But a convenient one. iPod doesn't have a cellular system so you've to rely on wi-fi and iOS based messengers like iMessage. Kik is for both Android and iOS so it's easier to connect with friends who are droids.

// Podcasts
I LOVE podcasts. When I downloaded this app, it wasn't a built-in app. But after iOS8, it is. They've so many programs to listen. BBC, Radio and many others.

// Hyperlapse
It's a video app for making time lapse videos. It's such a pro thing. I have made a few time-lapse videos but never published them. It's a little hard business but who knows , someday I may rise.

// Viewster
My good ole destination for online movies and shows. They don't have so many movies available but still, they're better than other spam ones.

// iBooks
Being a trendy nerd, books are BAE. Or a little less. iBooks is a basic reader which came built in with iOS8 as well. Their book-like layout, flipping pages feature is an exciting experience while reading a book on iPod. I am currently reading Pride and Prejudice. Victory sign.

What are some of your favorite apps?
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  1. Clear and concise post indeed. Can't wait to see your hyperlapse creativity! :)

  2. I love iBooks, haha. As a bookworm that (mostly) prefers eBooks over actual books, reading on the go is the beeeeeeeeeeest! And having all these books on your fingertip!

  3. VSCO all the way!

    Janine | www.itsjaninella.com

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  5. VSCO and iBooks for me too! :) I also love Candy crush, Diner Dash, and Spotify. I also have kik. I use it to communicate to people I met online plus the emoticons there is cute. lol.


  6. I used to have an iPod four (pre-iphone days) and I used it for everything. I'm going to check out some of these apps, becuse they are great ideas!

  7. We both live for the same things: food and music, add sleep to mine because without that I'm not the best person at all. I don't have an Ipod touch though I have a classic Ipod because it has 160GB of storage so it's like a mini external hard drive for music - sadly, not the easiest to strip music from an Ipod if not using iTunes but I have my ways :) Have a great one and hope you're recovering well Noor! -Iva

  8. I only just started using the vsco cam and so far it seems really great. I don't use anything else for my photos. On another not I was thinking of investing in a ipod touch to replace my battered ipod nano that I've had for around 8 years, if not more! I really enjoy audiobooks so I need way more space!

    ~ K

  9. i need to get the vsco app - i love using fun filters for my photos!

  10. This was a really helpful post since I just got my hands on an iPhone! I'm going to download these apps and see how they work for me (:


  12. Love Love Love Vsco!! I absolutely Love Vsco! I'm with you Areeba!

  13. I'm also very selective with all of my apps! I might have to try the Retrica app, it sounds like something that I would enjoy :)


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