Dream Big Because You Can

I was dragging my nearly-jammed-maybe-broken-IDK leg, all regards to my previous accident, all the way today. 'Cause my bed rest finally came to an end which is pretty exciting because laying all day in bed isn't something really exciting. Nothing at all, to be exact.
My little cousin , who is apparently the cutest person on earth , was talking to me about grown up stuff like careers (see also: crap) and I had no simple definitions to tell her. I am only 17 okay. But really, I felt kind of helpless because :
1) she's so cute
2) she wanted to be a pilot or doctor that is so out of my way
3) I couldn't define her "big girls" stuff

When she asked me about my career goals, I simply replied : "I want to be an account or finance specialist. Maybe." now I needed to explain what the heck are those.
Then I asked HER what she wanted to be when she grown up and begged to choose something humanly possible like a good student. Pfft.
She chose other options and guess what...!!! She was going to be a princess. A PRINCESS.
I wondered when this world is so dramatically advanced and everyone wants to be a high-tech kind of person, she's completely being a 4 years old , that she obviously is.
SO putting on the cloak of a wise-old big cousin, I asked her to explain why and how she was going to be a princess. Tit for tat. I meant it.
She just laughed and said , "you can be anything you want to. Just think about it. And don't worry. You will be a princess too. What should I name you then?" (Princess of pasta , I won't mind?)

We just laughed it off and came back to ole world but her phrase got stuck in my head. How come it's all easy to dream of? If I were her, I would think about those shinny armors, those wicked witches and every possible problem before dreaming to be a princess. You'd say it's her 4 years old brain to set everything that way. But perhaps it's the stage where you kill your vibes and make it afraid of some impossibilities which THEN turn to possibilities when you believe. Perhaps we all could be princess in shiny gowns and fancy heels if we could just dream it. Or me, I would just because the accountant (or owner) of a huge multinational company if I'd set a firm dream of achieving it no matter what the circumstances are. Maybe it's all in the head where you set it? Maybe you could get it?

It just blew my mind. It was a much needed answer I had been trying to get since I had some difficulties to overcome. We all have one of those days. Don't we?
The moral of this conversations is twisted into dreaming big. BUT, dreaming big and daydreaming are certainly two different things. Dream it, plan it & achieve it. There's never going to be a short cut in this equation.
For now, I am going to dream about having a fun festival in college which is nowhere to be held soon but....if you can dream it, you can get it. Umm.

Is there anything that inspired you lately?
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  1. I needed to read this!!! Oh and I want to be a famous princess, for sure!

  2. If you're the princess of pasta then I'm the princess of chocolate haha.

  3. What happened to your leg? Umm my son inspires me and just things around me like being curious about things.. Music is always inspiring to me. :) Have a great weekend Noor! -Iva

  4. You blew me away as well! Phew. But, really, why not? Dream big. It's all about consistency. (:

    ♥ | www.connect-the-cloths.com | xoxo

  5. I love this post! From an early age we are told to stop dreaming or to not want to do what we want, now I understand that there is an 99.9999% chance I won't grow up to be famous but surely the most famous people are those with the biggest dreams?

    Please go check out my blog and follow if you like it xx

  6. I feel you can be whatever you wanna be! All you gotta do is work for it! Great post!

  7. Love this post! Iam so grateful that parents have always pushed us to be whatever we wanted to be! you go girl!


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