Things Tea Addicts Are Tired Of Hearing

Ever since I read Areeba's post Things Anti-tea People Are Tired Of Hearing , I had an argument to myself about posting something in favor (and sake) of tea lovers. Yo man, we're democratic. So my tea conservatism led me to write this post at last. Moreover I realized I didn't write on my blog for ages , or less.
Tea is an ESSENTIAL part of Pakistani life. When I say tea , it doesn't mean a golden coloured fluid in delicate china cup & saucer with a Twinning tea bag in it. I am talking about that strong , aromatic and like-cauldron-cooked tea mixed with milk and sugar. AKA desi chai. Though tea styles here vary from city to city. Karachi chai is more like strong and aromatic tea. Lahori chai is also doodh patti where milk and tea leaves are brewed together for a more milky taste. Islamabadi chai is usually regular with tea bags.

That's the little insight about chai. Now redirecting the convo towards things tea addicts are tired of hearing.....1...2...3

1- "Tea will ruin your complexion"
Or in Pakistan, they'll say "Kaali ho jao gi".
Drinking tea doesn't really do that, I can tell. Yeah I am pretty fair , um? Tea is an innocent hot beverage. It surely doesn't hold anything against your skin colour.

2- "Doesn't it affect your sleep?"
THIS IS A MISUNDERSTANDING. I think I sleep way peacefully after having tea before bed. Though you can refresh yourself by having a cup or two but the affect is nothing terrible or what -_-

3- "How can you drink tea?"
I mean, are you being sarcastic or funny?

4- "Do you know how to make tea by yourself?"
It's a rare case when a tea addict doesn't how to make tea. What's so hard about it? boil water , add tea leaves and let it brew for few minutes. Filter out tea leaves by a strainer and add milk. TA DA! Oh and choose the mug you love the most. It adds feeling. Aw.

5- "Tea will affect your brain activity"
GAHHHH! Tea goes to my stomach , not to my brain anyways. Sorry for being lame, I know about vitamins and minerals but I have been drinking tea for half of my life now. I am not a zombie yet. Are you?

There's more. Sigh. Sigh again. Sigh.
I know this debate would go on and on and on. My family is , luckily , tea addict so there's never a trouble except of....

Me: Amma Jaan , I have head ache.
Amma Jaan : Have a cup of tea.

Me : Amma jaan , my legs ache so bad.
She : Have tea , dear. With a Ponstan.

Me : Amma Jaan , I want to eat pizza , nowww.
She : Have a cup of tea & forget pizza.

Speaking of disadvantage , I just changed my Instagram & Pinterest username to Noor_Unnahar . I've heard from so many people that it may impose a negative effect , err , or my social media account? Like losing a constant search , followers etc. I don't know how true is that but do let me know if you've any idea about preventing those issues.

Err. So are you in same tea addiction team?
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  1. Noor, I wanna hug you tightly. You said my heart voice. give me High Five for your bravery.. :) Its amazing how the twins can be different in their likes and dislikes.

  2. When I read number 3 I laughed out loud! I have a friend who doesn't like tea, and I always forget cause I'm like who doesn't love tea? lol. I love tea, cause it's like hot cup in the morning, a pitcher of cold iced tea with lunch, and and a special tea at bedtime, like vanilla or green with lots of honey! I've never drank my tea with milk though, more of a honey person. Forget the sugar and give me honey!

  3. Hi. My name is Zoe, and I'm a tea addict. My favorite is Sakura from Memoranda, but I've also been known to do things for a nice cup of Earl Grey.

    Just kidding... but I feel ya on the tea addict thing. I've been trying to wean myself off of coffee, and the only way I'm getting through it is by relying heavily on tea. Luckily, I've found a great tea place in Caen, so that makes it easier. :) Thank you for the little tidbit about chai... I've never really tried it before, but I love hearing about different types of tea. And food. Lots of food. :)

    Zoe | La Vie en Zoe

  4. Have a cup of tea and forget pizza ROFL
    This was a really nice post!

  5. I feel you only my tea is coffee :)

  6. Really people say that to you? Here in Belgium people believe in Tea! Tea is good for sleep, stress, ... anything you can think of :)

  7. HAHAHA!!! In my country if anywhere hurts they tell you to go and drink tea....that must be pretty annoying for some but luckily for me I'm also a tea addict


  8. I prefer tea the usual way: boil the water and sugar, add leaves, brew a little, add milk, strain the leaves and have it. Ahh. But I like the really frothy milky version of it too. My mom is an absolute tea-addict. But my parents take it without adding milk. It's what we call "likar cha". Luke lemon tea minus the lemon. Oh and minus sugar too. I think the most common misconception I keep hearing is "your brain will stop working" and "you won't be able to sleep". It's hilarious. :D
    Btw, I had changed my Instagram and Pinterest username few months back too. I don't think I lost any followers or there was any abnormalities. I'm sure it will be okay. :)

  9. What kind of tea is that? I'm not into tea cos the only ones I tried were bitter ones and I'm wondering what tea you drink. Haha and maybe it'll change my mind. :)


  10. Hi Noors, it been soooo long, how are you? It funny the office where I work drink nothing but tea while I drink nothing but water, they look at me like I'm strange.


  11. Definitely a tea addict when studying! I can't work without having one next to me, literally one after the other!


  12. For me, tea (and coffee) never affects my sleep. It doesn't make me sleepy or any more awake like most people claim it does. I love drinking tea but sometimes it gives me a horrible stomachache :/

  13. What's your favorite kind of tea? Hmm if you're adding milk I presume it's some kind of black tea? :) My Pakistani friend does that too and she got me hooked on it, lol. I'll substitute that for coffee some mornings. Have a great weekend Noor! -Iva

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    You have a really lovely Blog. Do you want to support each other and follow via GFC? If yes please tell me and i follow you back, Honey :)..

    Greetings from Germany

  15. Hahaha I adore tea - just enjoy it and get over it silly anti-tea losers... bwahahaha :)



  17. As a certified tea-addict, I have heard most of these things (and often times from people I know and love!), but I've never heard of that first one. I know it changed the colour of your teeth, but skin?


  18. Wow its really amazing and interesting blog
    i really like it


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