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I am that kind of person who needs to get inspired every once in a while. No matter if it's a quote, a tv show or even Amma Jaan's mega long lecture (last for like...2 months?)
But quotes are even better. You never know how a simple line could effect your whole existence. Your whole life story. Errrrrything.
There are so SO many quotes out there, from successful/famous people. But today , I want to share some quotes off my own life. Some stuff people from my life told me. It inspired me to be a lot better person than I could ever be on my own.

I heard it in some academic lectures. I would have laughed it off if I wasn't a high school graduate myself. Education literally makes you more aware, more better and more focused towards your goals.

I've always heard it from my family. Believing something ISN'T easy. Nope. Not a all. But once you get hold of it, it's easier. Like "this too shall pass" to all my troubles. Wink.

Golden words coming from Amma Jaan. It was her indirect shot to me and Areeba (ahem ahem) but it made me wonder on my sleep routine. Really , sleep till noon is a bad thing </3 Moms can be hurtfully honest.
My twinnie, who's apparently a modern day Shakespeare, told me this happy game rule. There are a lot of things I want to do at the moment but things aren't falling into places. But I want to play my part. NO RAAAGRETS.

These are so few. All I could remember at the moment and I certainly lack good memory these days. Dang.

What are some inspiring words you've ever heard or been told?

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  1. these are great quotes plus it's amazing to know that real people say that in real situations. Not just a quote you found on a book :)


  2. I also fuel off inspiration - I'm on a dry spell only because I'm so exhausted so it's taking everything I have to function! :'( My body will adapt and everything will stabilize. You're right about education, sadly a lot of folks don't appreciate their education until they're much older and realize the value in having it. Hope you have a great weekend Noor! -Iva

  3. Same here, I'm constantly seeking inspiration! Thanks Noor! :D

    ♥ | www.connect-the-cloths.com | xoxo

  4. awww. thank you for this Noor! :) I need these right now :)

  5. Really nice Quotes Noor! I guess I better start sleeping earlier!!
    Jade x


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