New Life Chapter

After waiting for years, okay maybe a little less , I am finally in college. I can't exactly tell you how it feels to be all grown up and out of high school melancholy and stepped in a new phase of practical life. But it's good.
I had always attended my academic years with Areeba who happens to be my twin. If you some twins, you must know they're supposed to be together. While choosing our colleges (and careers), Areeba and I decided to choose our own potential fields rather than just following each other because "that's what twins do". It was going to be hard, obviously.
Eventually, I chose my field which is Commerce. I always knew I was going to choose it anyways. No matter how terrifying Math could get or how complicated Economics is. #YOLO?

SO , I attended my college orientation in past week. Holly muffin, it was awesome. Meeting everyone and learning about my new institution was an overwhelming experience. Ever since classes started, all I am doing is to eat sleep and study. This circle now includes writing this post at 1AM midnight because I , very mistakenly, slept all afternoon.

The most exciting thing yet is college election. Each faculty will present some seats. I am already a participant from my faculty and voting will be done on Monday. Can it be Monday already, plis? Perhaps it's the only Monday I have ever looked forward for. Plus there's a Welcome Party coming up. GAWD could I be more excited?

In between, there's a lot to do. Studying, managing schedule, working out, MORE STUDIES.
The more I think about it, the huge it gets. So I'll just leave it for a while and sip another tea cup out of many. Why tea is the solution of every problem? Though I am not even troubled with this fact.
My face is prettily filled with 60%  tiredness and 20% dust

I guess it's safe to say that THIS is the new chapter of life. They named it college. I can't wait to document everything as we goooooooo!

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  1. That is so exciting, Noor! Good luck! I'm sure you will do amazing!

  2. I am so excited for you! I cannot waite to hear all about it! You must take tons of pictures of college life! Are you staying in dorms? Or is it close enough to home?

  3. that's exciting news girly!!! good luck.

  4. Good luck! I have two more years till college :(

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  5. Good luck Noor! This is gonna be another chapter of your life :) College is awesome!


  6. I can't believe you're in college already. Where did the time go? I hope the next 3 years will be the best. And good luck for your college elections. *fingers and toes crossed* ^_^

  7. Congratulations! College was one of the best times of my life! Enjoy new friendships, keep an eye out for jerks, and take advantage of all that learning!

  8. Congratulations and good luck on this new chapter Noor! I know you're gonna be great! Enjoy college and enjoy it with awesome and genuine friends!


  9. That's exciting! How are your classes going? What classes are you taking? I love college - made me love learning. It's going to be different but so awesome. :) Have a great weekend Noor! -Iva

  10. I'm so happy to see that you and your sister are both on your own adventures. I have always thought that it would be incredible to be a twin..something us common folk/untwin like peeps wouldn't know anything about. Although, it is probably just important for the both of you to find your own ways and do your own thing.. I'm so happy that you two are doing it.. I look forward to seeing how things go boot!

  11. Aw, congratulations on starting your new chapter Noor!!


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