Eid Ul Azha Recap

This is how I looked #ootd

fter 2 months of Eid Ul Fitr , which comes after Ramazan & 30 days of fasting , we had another Eid named Eid Ul Azha. This Eid is one where we slaughter animals like cows , following a tradition.
"It honors the willingness of Abraham (Ibrahim) to sacrifice his promised son, Ishmael (Ismail)a, as an act of submission to God's command, before God then intervened to provide Abraham with a lamb to sacrifice instead." - WIKIPEDIA

This Eid has an even more diversed background that I couldn't put it all here. So I borrowed what Wikipedia has to offer. Thanks dude.
I , surprisingly , woke up far earlier than I am used to on this Eid day. Nayy , the credit still goes to Amma Jaan who happened to wake up way earlier. I don't know how moms have that capability , like following alarms and being perfectly on time. I can never do that. Or I suppose so.
umm.. I do have a good looking family.

Animals that were about to slaughter from my family included a cow (cute but terrifying one) and 2 billy goats. One of them was certainly adorable but another one was scary with those long and pointed horns. Horns terrify the crap out of me so I stayed away from it , ALL THE TIME.
Eid ul Azha is nearrrrr! This glorious "janwar" was not in mood to strike a pose ANYHOW. I somehow managed to have a photo taken (thanks @ohareeba ) . No worries dude, I can't wait to enjoy tikkas and biryanis off that flesh.
My favorite thing was to get dressed up (of course!!!) and do my make up and stuff. Aww I sound typically mean here. But but I love to do that. Okay.

After a traditional family gathering , there was tons of meat to take care of. It's mainly a "elders" thing but I kept an eye on what they were doing. So basically , the quantity of meat , no matter how much is that, will be divided into three parts.
1- For your own family
2- For your relatives & friends
3- For needy / poor people who can't afford a Qurbani
Areeba has the cutest pose evaaaaa

First day is lazy , especially for those kind of people , who have nothing to do with work. Like me. Whoops. So I spent the rest of day watching Teen Wolf , some classic fairy tales and played xbox , wild tennis shots. RAWR! I love playing kinect tennis. As I win 90% of 'em. No , I certainly have no idea because I was a crappy player in real life tennis events. This is the main reason why I love gadgets.

2nd & 3rd day was about FOOOOD, haha! There was a lot to eat. Biryani , Qorma , Qeema , different kind of curries , tikkas. I lost my counting. Thumbs down.
There are so many B.B.Qs I need to attend. And I will do it with responsibility. C'mon , it only comes once a year and... *insert another lame reason to attend a BBQ party*

How was your Eid (if you celebrated)?
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  1. You guys are so cute!!! Loved Areeba's wacky face! Haha!


  2. You look so adorable, love the sandals, that pretty cow and all the food you mentioned! <3 Belated Eid Mubarak! :) x

  3. I love these photos, and you certainly do have a beautiful family! :)

  4. You are all so beautiful! I love your outfits and whole looks...so pretty! And I don't think I'd be able to interact with animals that were going to be slaughtered...I would be too sad haha.

  5. Eid Mubarak! Your outfit is soo pretty and you guys are so cute (MashaAllah)

  6. love your colorful clothes! My cousin's in Dubai and they celebrated it too with Japanese food! haha.. ow that's diversity.


  7. My cross-eyed selfie won the Eid selfie game, ikr!!

  8. Aww- Noor you are certainly growing up. I love your profile picture that you're using on your blog now. Looks like you girlies had another great EID. Such a weird question but who does the slaughtering of the cow? Is it a ritual thing or do you all just see it alive and then boom.. all of a sudden there is a feast? I sound awful for asking but you know me and my curiosities!


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