A little flower blossomed

"A little flower blossomed,
Among so many thrones,
Though it seemed to end up doomed,
It grew out of their mourns."

I wrote this poem solely to dedicate Areeba. My twinnie. It couldn't be more precise event since we're now moving on and on , in our own ways. And I am so proud of her. Her creativity, writing and everything else. I showed her poem in evening and we kept talking and laughing on how accurately it fit her.
But this poem told my story well, too.
Yesterday, elections were held in college. I was participating to have a seat. It wasn't very obvious to win just because it was like a week after classes had started and I didn't know many people to actually win myself a title. Breath away. Though all other necessary preparations , like presentations , being a cool student and everything else was going fine.

Well there, I attended my morning classes and in 2nd period, voting was announced. My name was listed #2 and I was peering on score. Beat-beat-beat-beat. Dang heart beats. Within 10 minutes, the results were announced and I was chosen as an Executive (which is, very very, regal seat I tell ya)
Maybe saying hi to failure wasn't really bad.
They told me I was selected because I was a brilliant student. As good as it sounds, I want to keep this status high, forever. Sometimes in my life, I'd felt like a little flower, not blossomed and a little afraid to grow out. But it didn't stay the same, of course.

I don't feel guilty to actually say that students these days aren't really "students" anymore. Being so trendy, not studying, being rude to teachers and trying to be popular is something that would get you nowhere as a student. If everyone could realize, this student life phase is too precious to be glamorized. Too be filled with glitters and rainbows and unicorns. It's going to happen in the rest of life, for sure. Then why give up academic life?

I couldn't be more happier. WOHO! Despite the fact that there are 100x more responsibilities as being an executive, I am cool with that. Creepy Wink.
Oh when Areeba returned from college and I showed off my badges to her, our reactions were hectic.
SHE: You're an executive from now. Boom, can I envy?
Me: Wait isn't it what you've always been doing?
And you can guess we're real sisters.
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  1. SO excited for you Noor! I didn't have a courage like yours when I was still a student. :) Glad you blossomed too! :)

  2. Congratualtions!! That's so exciting :]


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