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I can't exactly tell when did I start writing poems? I am sure it's still a huge secret to the people who know me. The fact is that I never actually showed my poems to anyone. They were never a perfect proportion to be added on a piece of paper. I would scribble them down on the very last page of my notebook. Where they stayed hidden...forever.
They might stay hidden until Areeba found some of my iPod notes. She was kind of screaming on me to start writing poems, again. To be honest , I didn't think I should work on poetry skills anyways. But after all my twin did want me to do that , I did.

I simply want to write nothing else but copying down my silly little poems/poetry on this white post template. Because one day , I would be trying hard to write them down on some piece of original white canvas. Eh? *winks*

1- Being a Karachitie , the love for ocean is inevitable.

I loved the ocean,
The breeze , the sand , the shells.
It always belonged to me somehow ,
I could hear the breeze blowing bells.
I owed ocean too much,
The long walks , the short races,
I wonder if the shore remembers ,
Us making small sand castles.

2- Journalists , the honest journalists actually , have a great role in my life.

I am a prisoner of time,
Waiting to get out.
I committed no crime,
My words just shout.
I wanted freedom , costing less than dime,
Oh but I live in a society , where justice is bought.

3- I have strong beliefs in my religion. That's where I am most and least strong.

As I close my eyes to make a prayer,
Time is stopped , this moment is rare.
I know I won't dare ,
He would be listening to me , so fair.
Allah, you're the only one who care,
You know , I am too weak to bear.

I laughed at my idea for being an author. But you never know. My college major isn't English literature (cough cough) so it would be as slow as snails pace (if it ever happens). Currently , I have been just writing them down , completely following my lost passion. I am so inspired by Erin Hanson and other great poets out there. High five . Boom!
There's a poetess....in making.
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  1. Your poems are beautiful. I encourage you to keep it up!

  2. These poems are so beautiful, Noor. :) I love them! Keep writing and sharing!

    Zoe | La Vie en Zoe

  3. It's good to write, the creativity it releases and produces is very therapeutic. Enjoy your weekend Noor! -Iva

  4. Your words are beautiful. They truly give me the deepest thoughts, pondering... I'm the same way, so shy of my craft! I'm slowly beginning to share more of myself via blogging! Looking forward to future posts! :D

    ♥ | www.connect-the-cloths.com | xoxo

  5. Noor! I like it! :) I write poems too. I have always been writing..Same as creative proses.. It's nice that you're getting into it too.


  6. MashaAllah May Allah the Most Merciful bless your creative writing skills dear younger sis in Islam :) Ameen. JustSharingIslam.blogspot


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