iPod Touch 5 (views of a non-techy)

Around my 17th birthday, I got myself a stunning iPod Touch 5. Not to mention it was on my HIT list to buy a handy iOS device. This year, I was supposed to buy a cell phone but unlike everyone's opinion, I didn't buy a cell phone. I am not much of a GSM person , in fact I hate making calls (unless necessary. Hi Amma Jaan)
Before I'd buy it , I looked for some online reviews about it. All of those reviews were TOO techy for a 16-turning-17. In addition my parents would never ever trust those specifications. Ya know , kids of 80's that they are. So after buying it , (anyways hah!) I decided I should do something like youth guide to iPod Touch. I have been noticing that Apple has seriously neglected iPods these days and it's been rolling the length of iPhones. Eww. Sorry dude.

Meet the glorious Mr. iPod touch (5th generation) 
I named it Podi-podi. Yeah I know my nicknames are kind of a public embarrassment. SHRUG IT OFF. I need to start talking about tech stuff whoops.

It is made of aluminium , coloured aluminium actually. I got a silver one. When you pick it up, it's so light and thin. Like O-M-G. If you compare it to iPhone 5S , then it feels like sandwiching two iPod 5 will make the iPhone 5S body. There there little fatty.
iPod has got 4-inch retina display. It's prettier and so vibrant. I guess it's iOS 7 that makes it even more sleek. I previously had a galaxy tab so at first I didn't like 4 inch display. Crap. But it's really fine once you're used to it.

WIth an A5 processor , the speed of iPod is ...fine. I won't say it's super fast but it's good when you're using multiple apps at the same time. When you look for wi-fi connections , it only shows the most near one. Meaning really less chances to sneak free ones , ayeee. This isn't the fair part though </3

I love love love its camera. It's clear and focused. If you use Chrome effect as default camera , the photos are so vibrant. Though it only handles good results in day. It's not always flattering in night shots.

My opinion:
Whatever it is, I love it. I wanted to have it as a superb 17 present. Boom. Air Play is such a funny thing in iOS though. Just because I had used Android before, I had hard time realizing the fact that you can't share music and photos via general bluetooth. Heart breaks.
For music , you need to buy music from iTunes store or use iTunes in your laptop to sync songs. NO WAY to download directly from web. Well there believe me if Steve Jobs was around, I'd go and ask "whyyy dude whyy did you disable this ultra precious feature from iOS. It hurts like seriously" It makes me sad that I can't do that. Heavily sighs.
Camera of my iPod is just so good that I've ditched my Nikon S4000 for good. That's not a joke fellas. I shoot in sunny afternoons or even evenings but it's worth the work. I read in reviews that you won't be ditching your point-and-shoot for your iPod but I did. I DID ditch my Nikon for it.
The battery life of iPod isn't flattering. 4 hours of usage and 7 to 8 hours of stand by. I use it 24/7 so it's usually a battle between podi-podi and me to have it charged and discharged. CHARGED AND DISCHARGED. I have a tiny idea I'd be responsible for huge electricity bills but yolo. Hi.

Some hacks :
- If you want to download songs on iPod off web, you'll need to install some kind of downloader from App Store. There are some available. Just type "free downloader" and choose an app that suits you. They have built-in browsers that let you download stuff. Yeah yeah no need to say thanks.

- If you want to have iPod charged super fast , then activate airplane mode and plug in charging. It charges fastly but only use it when it's SO necessary.

- If you're a Nintendo fan as me, then download GBA4IOS app and play allllll those 90's kids games directly in your iPod. WOAH!

If I could describe iPod 5 in one line , it would be "it's iPhone 5 without SIM card." I don't think if Apple is going to make an iPod 6 or something , because lad is too busy printing bank notes with the super lengthy iPhone 6. IF you ask me , I'd not consider buying iPhone 6. It's so out of my league. But iPhone 5S is the pretty little chic. *tries to drop a clue about buying it sometimes*

If this review ever helps a needing teen to get an iPod , the pleasure is all mine. Wink added.
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  1. definitely plan to get an iPod at some stage but it's never been an immediate priority (YouTube & bluetooth works fine for me in the car! lol). having said that though, i don't think i'd ever get an iPod Touch. kinda redundant, imo. i'm an iPhone user already. i'd get a shuffle or a classic or something though!

    good review. do more (;

  2. I'm getting the same iPod next month. Thanks so much for your review

    xx mahnoorapple.blogspot.com

  3. Ohh! Love it! I have the iPhone4s haha but I agree! iPhones have the best camera ever! I can't wait for the new iOS and thanks for the game boy app recommendation! :) you should download Spotify! :) you can play music even offline and make playlists


  4. I mean, I'm so jealous of its camera.

  5. I agree! I'd stick to my 5s instead! When I saw the iPhone 6, I never ever thought of buying it because it was way too expensive and I don't really admire its new look. iPhones were supposed to be "unique" and sophisticated-looking, but now it looks like an Android phone (no I don't hate Android, don't take it that way haha). Anyway, I also agree with Alissa, iPhones have the best camera. They may stick with only 8MP but they have better and higher resolutions than other smartphones'.

    Janine | www.itsjaninella.com

  6. I think iPods are great for people that don't need to make call! If I could connect to wifi all the time I'd think about getting one as most of the people I text use iMessage! Too bad I need a phone!

    Corinne x

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  8. No product is perfect - but I'd still seriously love one of these in my life! You are super lucky! I just play music from my phone and hope for the best hahaha


  9. Never liked the Ipod touch, I have an Iphone and a very old Ipod!


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