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Holla!! to every single human being and rocks out there. Yeah I guess I am that much lonely to say hi to rocks. Just kidding. I need to write.
Life is my favorite topic to talk on , to write on , to yadda-yadda-yadda. No matter what is it about. Life is interesting. Everyone's life is. Have you ever wondered about some life events and you're like "no man no" because year by year or day by day , we have some memories that are special. No matter if they were embarrassing or funny or heart breaking. They become past and when you reminisce , they turn out to be a great reflection. That's life. Funny.

But some events change you. Some break you. Some even kill you inside (and out). What I like most is like 99% of us still get away with it? Humans are seriously amazing. I am sure people from other planets may agree. Whoops.
I didn't know what life would be just three or four years ago. I didn't know I'd be studying something (aka Commerce) I hated at that moment. I didn't even know I'd be driving a car , A REAL CAR, because traffic would terrify me a lot. I didn't know I'd be doing photography because it seemed something for creative kind of people (hey I am one now too)
I remember studying Robert Forest in English literature class. His quote "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." made me tad bit mad. I said (to myself of course) "what if I want to do suicide? Life doesn't really goes on." Silly me.

It all changed. Because it has to. This is literally how life goes on. Because it's gooddoughnut life.

I know at some extent , everything seems impossible. Everyone looks higher than they are and we feel bad for being us. Yeah ask me, I've been there. What you need to know is it won't stay like that forever. And those events that I once found super dooper unfortunate made me who I am today. Good deal yeah.

Example : in 2009 I was crying over my lost charger of Gameboy Advance. In 2014 , I was crying over my iPod's lost charging cord. Gladly I have a better choice now. Wink.

SO if you're running through something crap , yeah I am old enough to say crap *yay* then just stop worrying. Eat something you love to eat. And sigh because the good is yet to come and life is gooddoughnut!!!!
TBH it's not fair with me at the moment because iOS 8 update is saying it would take about 30 hours , 30 HOURS , to update. Sorry mate , my ipod can't even go straight for 10 hours. Thou shalt not.
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  1. Life does go on! Love your photo, btw! The iPod is really popping out haha

  2. Hi Noor :) Your blog is super cool, I liked browsing through your posts.
    The ipod is half the width of the iphone? waow *___* I'm not a music person though, but your review made me consider purchasing one xD very persuasive.
    I read your about page, I'm from Karachi too. It was lovely seeing your blog :)

  3. Your blog looks amazinggg! How did you create your header and navigation tabs? xx


  4. Losing any charger is a great cause for distress!

    Corinne x

  5. Hey! I've had a rocky two weeks and this is the perfect pick me up post! Just what I needed to read :) you are right life does go on and these things make us stronger, because it is a gooddoughnut life :)
    F x


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