6 Times I Think It's Better To Keep Sleeping

I am not sure if it's safe to say that I choose to sleep rather than facing certain amount of troubles at their point of happening. Most of the time. A sleeping person is half dead. He/She doesn't mind anything and keep things calm. Because? They're half dead, I told you.
Sometimes , I find myself choosing to sleep (with guilty okay) rather than waking up and actually fight off.

1. When I have to do something
Typical. Before going to bed, I have a list in mind about the stuff I'd need to be doing after I wake up. SO if my conscience keeps poking me during my sleep, I'd  wake up, look around, remind myself and SLAM my head to pillow. Sweet dreams to me.

2. When I have to go to a completely unwanted social event
I probably attend only 2% of social events these days. No chit chats , no outfit competitions , nothing at all for me. I am good no thank you. So when I see there's a similar vibe around my house, I'd straighten up my sheets and SLAAAM!!!!

3. Waking Earlier than I usually do
I don't like , actually I hate , when I have to get up earlier than I am supposed to. For example , if I wake up for school at 7:00 am , there's NO way I'd wake up at 6:59 am. Nay , rules are rules.

4. When someone keeps insisting to have me awaken
Stubborn little brat. Awww.
Is it any good to wake someone up when she's sleeping happily? No. This is where I find my case strong. You wake me up , I will wake up. You insist to HAVE me awake, I would be sleeping for days.

5. When my family decides to have something mega-Pakistani dish for dinner
Mega Pakistani dishes = Payee , Nihaari , stuff like that
Believe me or not (you gotta) , Pakistanis are obsessed with their foods. I am the same but some heavy dishes can be "ewww" for me. No offence (I swear Amma Jaan) so when they decide to throw a dawat with "that" kind of menu, I'd just stay in my room , sleeping. Whelp!
*dawat= traditional party in Pakistan

6. When everyone prefers a sports live cast rather than hanging out with me
I am not interested in watching football / cricket / tennis / basketball in general. But if there's a special match , with a lot hype, I would watch that maybe. Haha.
But other than that , please can I go to sleep already? Sports bore me *yawn*

Do you face the same situations #TeamSleepUNITED?
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  1. Only 6? I have 10000 of reasons why I prefer staying in bed. Lovely to see another post of you!

  2. Yesssssss, the worst one is getting out of bed for an event you don't want want to attend T_T
    Especially in the mornings.

  3. Haha this is such a cool post Noor! I was honestly smiling and almost laughing reading this! That waking earlier part is the funniest! Isn't it annoying to have set your alarm at 7AM yet you wake up at 6:30?!


  4. I'm definitely #4 o.o if someone comes to wake me up, I stay in bed longer just to spite them xD I like to get up at my own pace. Really nice post- #TeamSleepUNITED!! xD

  5. Hahahaha I agree with so many of these - if I am sleeping, I am IMPOSSIBLE to wake up!! hahaha
    Sleep is goooooood.


  6. Oh I felt like that this am. My morning routine is Monday Wednesday and Friday I get up at 5:30 and run on the treadmill for twenty minutes. Then I do school work until close to 7 am.. then I shower and do all the fun things a mom has to do to get herself ready for work and have her baby ready for daycare. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I get up at 6 and study for an hour and do the same as above. Life is tough when you're old.. Enjoy it while you're young, lil' lady.

  7. Haha sleep is necessary and I choose it over TONS of stuff - esp when I need to exercise it tends to win lol Send some of that Paki food here i love it! Have a great one Noor! -Iva

  8. It's a very brave person that tries to get between me and my sleep! Loved the post

  9. Hahahaha so hilarious! I also only go to about 2% of social events lol. Soooo cool.

  10. I agree in all of this haha. made my night :)


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