Wedding Week

Weddings have always been my favorite events. Without any reason. Actually , they don't really need a reason, they're cheery in every possible aspect. Two lives connecting to be one , a lot of events , food , fun , gatherings , emotions. What is it that's not in a wedding?
My Khala (aunt) and Mamuu (uncle) got married to their significant others. The mid of August was all hectic and busy for me.Wedding events started from 1st week of August and are still going on. Pakistani weddings are just so vivid and cultural that you don't even want to escape. Even after being so tired (yeah! ask me.)

Pakistani weddings are divided into three main events.
1. Mehndi / Mayuun / Rasm-e-Henna (they're called by different names)
2.Wedding day that's also called Rukhsati or simply Nikah ceremony
3. Valima / Reception

Mehndi is my personal favorite event , that's where you get to sing and meet everyone. Bride needs to be at stage so everyone can go and give her sweets and gifts. It's the same with the groom.
Our mehndi event went by so fast. So many guests were there , a lot of rituals needed to be done. Me and Areeba were big kids of the family so the greeting thing was on us.

Next day , it was the independence day of Pakistan. We were enjoying the fact that Harris Mamuu's barat was due on 14th of August? C'mon , could he be more patriotic? *giggles added*
Wedding Outfit for 14th August

After a day , the glorious wedding day arrived. I had been waiting for this day for like...ages? Hiba Khala is my favorite aunt and I had plans for her wedding even as a kid. Luckily , her wedding day fell on our birthday (Areeba and I's), the ultra-great 16th of August. To mark our sweet 17th and her wedding.

Hiba Khala , she looked gorgeous. Probably more than that , I just don't have the perfect words to tell you how she looked. Us Pakistanis have a superstitious belief that a girls looks 100x prettier as a bride , I don't disagree with it anymore :)

The purrrrrfect shot .
The main events ended on reception. Receptions are so jolly , if you ask me. You'd seen the mehndi fun , the nikah's emotion and finally , reception comes like a festive where everyone would be gathered to enjoy.
With my grandma (maternal) . This creative lady has been my inspiration and a guide and everything. She was taking care of events and I was like "woaaaah , how do you even manage to remember everything?" She smiled and said ," You'll just learn that when you want to do it."

So , the weddings I had always wanted to attend are just gone. I am typing this post up after a break of a whole week , mourning over a lost charging cord of my ipod that just seems to be vanished away from this world. A mix of good and bad happens , we're always going to get along. You know what I just realized? For a good life , you only need to be breathing. It sounds legit , haha!!!
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  1. Love these pictures! Looked like an amazing event. Thank you for sharing a little bit about your culture, the wedding looks beautiful!

    Zoe | La Vie en Zoe

  2. Noor you looked stunning-as did the bride! I love seeing wedding traditions from other cultures!

  3. Oh my God you all look so beautiful! Pakistani weddings are the best, so much *bling* Lol I wish both the couples a blissful married life.

  4. WoW...loved your outfits! Simply beautiful! I love all the colors!

  5. Pakistanis' wedding seem like sooo much fun!


  6. I love learning about your culture!
    Everything is so bright and colourful, super pretty!!

  7. Amazing photos! I love weddings! They are full of colour and laughter :) sounds like you had a blast! :)

  8. SO beautiful! What a great way to spend the weekend and your birthdays. I thought of you twins on your bday (it's the same day as my mom's). =0)

  9. Man I just can't imagine celebrating a wedding for one week! Do people get the entire week off of work to celebrate?! It sounds pretty fun though!!

  10. You girls are so gorgeous! I love these pictures...everything is so elaborate and beautiful. Also I didn't realize your birthday is August 16! Happy belated birthday!! That's my half birthday hehe.

  11. Wow its really amazing and interesting blog
    i really like it


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