Teenage Choices

Everything changes by time , how true is that? I have heard it multiple times but when I practically went through it, I was kind of amazed. Last night , I was cleaning up my drawers , throwing out old stuff that doesn't really matter anymore , I found some old CDs and books.

Those CDs were bought back in 2011/2012 when I used to be a fancy teenager. Ops wait , I am still a teenager. But a little less wonderstruck these days. Music from Miley Cyrus , Justin Bieber , Selena Gomez and more.
I remember , when these records were out , I was so worried to get them , anyhow & anywhere. I looked for limited edition , deluxe edition etc. You see, how fangirling worked back then for me.
I also found a diary where I wrote most disturbing personal thoughts down. Well , they were philosophical once. Because whenever I got angry, I would pick up any note book or diary and wrote down everything that swirled around my mind. That way, my diary could make an appearance as "Silly thoughts of a 16-years-old" but gladly , it's not going to happen.

My music choices have been changed. I probably have some old tracks of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift in my ipod but clearly, my music taste grew up to Billboard top 100. My Hannah Montana books craze got replaced by Sidney Sheldon and most importantly , I just became a whole grown up person.

But , my good ol' teenage choices would always remind me who I was. How did I start becoming who I am and how time changed me. Time span for everything , is too short. Our lives are merely a few decades. My general idea for everything is (now was) is perfection. But no, I can't be perfect all the time. I can't be trendy or caught up , I can't be the BEST all the time. But I can be ME and this is the most important thing to be. I wish it could be one of my "old teenage choices". Silly.

If you look back , how would your teenage choices appear?
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  1. Wonderful post! I would have to say my teenage years are far behind me:) but music would be a place where my teenage Choices would happen. Because even though my choices in music have changed over the years (from Madonna to Nora Jones!) Music always has let me be myself no matter my age.

  2. Cool post! I think my Teenage Choices would appear in my music (I love a great Dubstep) and even in my accessory choices...I still dig a cute colorful print.

  3. I love this post! My teenage years consisted of Hannah Montana music (sadly enough) and Hilary Duff, haha. I don't remember the type of books I've read but I think it might have just been novels for English class.

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  5. Hannah Montana. *sigh* All I wanted was to be a secret singer with a secret life and an awesome closet like her. What was I thinking? I'm defjnitely past that phase now where I'd rush to the music store to buy HM CDs. But I'm definitely still fangirling over Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne too haha. I'm about to step into the last phase of my teenage years (hello, nineteen!), but I'm not particularly thrilled about it. Where did all the innocence go? I definitely remember having a diary. No, lots of diaries where I'd just scribble my thoughts down. Hate diary if I may call them. And then there were diaries turned into slam books because I couldn't buy one. Oh and my farewell diaries. Creeks! :D

    Love, Somdyuti

  6. I never owned any of those cd's you showed. Although I did listen to some of them except Bieber. I was never crazy about him that's for sure. I'm shocked to see how far Miley has come from Hannah Montana and now she's walking around like a whore. sad.

  7. My teenage choices would never change - I'm a HUGE NSYNC fan, always was always will be - if they came on tour I'd still go. :) Justin Timberlake gets sexier every year girl! Have a great weekend lovely! -Iva

  8. I actually did this recently, went through old diaries from when I was a teen. I loved Backstreet Boys and N'Sync. I still have those CD's. And, Alanis Morrissette...her music would never get old, I still listen to her.

  9. Hannah Montana to Sidney Sheldon = PROGRESS IN LIFE!

  10. love the colours of the first pic!

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  12. Life is amazing that way, to leave a silly past behind and reminisce it in good present. Love this post. :)


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