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Ever since school was finished , my morning walks ended as gloriously as my alarm lost its rule over my long , long sleeps (muahahaha). The more I tried , in past days , to wake up drastically at 6 am and go out for a morning walk , it just didn't happen.
Morning walks are mainly good. Walking around in fresh , too fresh actually , air that isn't contaminated with lots of smokes or vehicle wastage. I wonder , what if someday all of the smoke is turned into glitter and cars start to emit sparkles instead of all smoke shiz that's pretty killing for almost every existent in this whole wide world? Then again , I am reminded that we live in a rock-ing world which is far faaaar away from this kind of non-realistic imagination. Ops.

One day , where I had to break a commitment with my slumber , took me to a morning walk that appeared to be in fields!!!! Being at fields in earlier in morning is a teeny tiny joy itself (I just realized that). Areeba and I had been planning to go out for some natural photography but afternoons were too hot. Nights were too dark. Evenings were too jolly but mornings ,eh? They were the best part of the day.

Following the plan , we set out in morning. The view was ... extra green. Haha! I am usually not a keen observer so it seemed pretty new.

Long lesson short , it's healthy if you go out for a walk in morning. Those who run in morning , dayyuuumm kudos to you guys. You may also end up to some photogenic places that are harder to find otherwise *insert a wide smiling emoji*
I have an idea that my huge smile looks like the wide grinning emoji in this photo so it will work :D
Are you a morning walk person? How do you see nature?

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  1. I really do miss visiting aree's and your blog. Your blogs are really interesting to read as always. I created my new blog aside from The Muslim Bricks.. Do visit me also on The Fitness Bricks.

    Najmah <3

  2. We are such morning people! I love taking walks in the morning, especially in the summer when its still a little chilly out before the sun's fully out. Pretty flower pics!

  3. I'm not a morning person period - but you do what you must. I have to be at work at 7 so it is what it is but I get off at 3PM so it's nice. :) Give and take - I drink coffee.. it gets me started. Have a great one Noor! -Iva

  4. It's basically impossible for me to wake up in the mornings...I'm amazed that you were able to get up just for a walk when you don't have school haha. I used to be able to get up and work out, but it's just gotten more and more difficult as I get older. Morning walks are the best though! The air is always so crisp.

  5. Awesowe pictures such a lovely blog



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