Totally Favorites - this week!

It's Friday !!!!!!
To be perfectly honest , these days I've been completely unaware of week days and even time. When you have nothing to do in life (see more : studies) so things go like that. I hardly get to glance calender or clock. Just for now. Freedom.
Today, I'm linking up with #FavTotalSocial from Helene . It's about sharing your favorites. Yeah , that should be fun . I'm sharing what was my favorite in past week , yo!

Favorite Selfie :
If you know me , you must know I'm a self-claimed professional selfie taker. Aw. I wanted to submit my face for My Face For Peace yesterday , so I had to take a decent selfie. I liked their cause , it was started by an artist from Germany and he needed 10000 people to submit their faces with a peace message. With the critical condition of world peace these days , I knew I was going to do it. This is the selfie I submitted to their website.

Favorite Moment :
I had put my ring somewhere and couldn't find. I was roaming around house , asking everyone if they had seen my ring. Gosh , that ring was so dear to me. I couldn't give up. After searching everywhere , I knew I had lost it (sigh!). With a very terrifying sad face , I slammed myself on bed. My favorite ring went missing and it's a lot serious than it seems. After all this struggle , I found out I had put it on my bed. It was right with my pillow. YAY! It wasn't lost , I WAS *insert a confusing emoji here*

Favorite Song :
Don't Stop by 5 Second of Summer. 
I was craving to hear some music from this boy band but I couldn't really decide where to start. I am a basic billboard person , in general. So I asked Cheriese to suggest me a song and she suggested this one.
Oh-eem-gee! It is a perfect , teenage-ish song. I guess 5SOS are going to be my mega favorite when I turn 17.
(My 17th birthday is on 16th of August. So near.)

Favorite Social Media:
Twitter awakes my inner comedy star , I feel like 140 characters are my short script and I can laugh on my own bits. Despite , I tweet fellow bloggers , sometimes celebs and brands. This way , twitter wins the favorites race.

Favorite Quote: 
This quote is like a big pat on my back. I realized the actual meaning of this quote is "Nobody is going to help you find a good internship or job unless you move around and check out opportunities within your skills. Now when you've known it , get up and put off this invisible cloak of procrastination."

Helene in Between

What's your favorite stuff this week?
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