The Selfie Game

One of the hardest thing I accomplish almost everyday is to complete the goal of 100 selfies. Nah , I am seriously not even bragging. Most of them get deleted and the rest of them...? They're mostly my wall paper , social media update and a way to admire my selfie-taking skills. I assume they're much good that I can totally give out classes , it's only Areeba who doesn't want to take them. Sigh.

I have wildest experience:
Selfies in mall . You won't ever want to try it , will you?
Selfies in car. They're pretty fine unless I get a warning to be stopped from Amma Jaan (mom)
Selfies in social events . Just because you'll feel like home as everyone would be taking selfies , it's much less awkward.
Selfies in my room. The only place where you WON'T be disturbed (unless Areeba shows up)

This selfie game is too strong.

It's not an old tale as I recall but it's a while back. I was singing a song , sitting in lounge and my favorite app AKA Retrica was on self-timer. Just then , Amma Jaan came in and tilted my Galaxy tab very , very casually. She asked ," what are you doing? Still have that Where's My Water 2 game?"
(She LOVES that game)
I replied , "It was taking too much of space. I deleted it."
She was certainly shocked. She said "Where did all the GB and stuff go? Give it to me."
I surrendered.
She opened Retrica's album and kept scrolling. "Noor , you've nearly 500 selfies OF YOU. OF YOU , OF COURSE." She said.
I shrugged and casually said "oh yep. All of them are mine , hehe. Cool , right?"
She frowned "I'm going to do a tad bit of cleaning here , my pretty."
This way , I had to lose a few hundreds of selfies. She downloaded her game though , I'd need a back up SD card to save my precious selfies by now .

After all , I am soon going to retire my Galaxy tab and getting an iPod touch 5. With a lot of GB stuff as Amma Jaan says , I can keep this selfie game strong (and save too) .
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  1. Ooooooooooooo girl... I don't do selfies anymore. HAHA!

  2. Hey Noor!

    I am SO in love with your blog! I just stumbled upon it yesterday and it's been open in my web browser for the last 24 hours (I got a little caught up with work yesterday), so I have been meaning to comment. I just can't get over how cute everything is (and you are adorable!). I am following you on all your social media accounts now too (plus Bloglovin').

    As far as selfies go, it's funny you say that because I thought there was something wrong with me. I'll take like 100 different photos and maybe be able to use two of them. I'm trying to take more photos for my blog especially to show how different makeup looks and some of my outfits, but it's so hard to get used to it. I need a tripod for my good camera because it's impossible to take super good quality selfies with my iPhone, but I am working on it. So anyway, LOVE love love Noor's Place this is like my new favorite blog. So happy I found it!


  3. Social event selfies are good, they're less embarrassing!

  4. Hey beauty, I admire your power of selfie taking. love the pic, you're looking like sanum jang in this. ;)

  5. good luck with all of your selfie taking! it can be rather fun! of course my person fave is taking selfies with other people!

  6. haha i loove selfies! i take selfies with the bf sometimes!

  7. selfies are the best esp when they turn out right :p

    Come join me at my blog hop http://nightowlventing02.blogspot.com/2014/07/blog-hop.html

  8. Haha you sound like a selfie pro. There's nothing wrong with a selfie every now and then. But it always gets me when people call it a selfie and there's more than one person in it. No it's not of yourself anymore, it's of a group of people..making it a normal picture. Agh gets me everytime!

  9. lol, looks so beauty, and looks like I won't take the selfies more :p

    Labina | Dear Labina Design.

  10. Lol I can't tolerate taking selfies - I always look retarded. I look better when someone else takes my photo. :) Happy Friday Noor! -Iva

  11. Lol selfies are something I never got into really until blogging ...now it seems to be an epidemic lol

  12. Selfies are really not my thing, but I don't mind peeking at other people's.
    I've been a little distant from blog-land and haven't been visiting very often. I'm glad I stopped by today. I hope you have a good weekend. Do you still do the bloggers chat?

  13. LOL I cant believe you deleted your mom's game for more selfie storage! I always take a ton but end up hating like 99% and just deleting them all

  14. I take selfies everywhere! Especially in the car and the mall but I don't make it too obvious. I just choose one and delete the rest

  15. The hardest part about washing my cell phone was losing all of those pictures. I have so many pictures on my phone even when I do delete hundreds!!


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