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I used to buy a lot of teen girls magazines and would cut cute models' poses and their clever quizzes when I was a tween. I had a lot of picture journals , with some witty jokes pasted on them. Nah , they weren't any cute thing. I threw most of them , oh no ALL of them. But I still love to fill magazine quizzes , they make me feel like a famous high school brat. Sigh , I know I'm not anymore. Bye bye high school.

I saw The Blogmopolitan Quiz and filled it suddenly.

// My name is Noor Unnahar , but I'm called Noor casually. Most of the people get my name wrong , it's Nuu-r On-na-haar. Not Noooooo-or Yun-na-her . You won't believe but I've been called this. Embarrassing. Do you know what's my name story?

// My favorite nickname is Noori , it was given by my family. You see , my family is so creative that my nickie was even bigger than my real name. Noor to Noori , a journey of name switching (I could make an autobiography movie with this name). The rest of the names are given way too randomly.

// Tea is my fuel . Don't give me tea for two days and I'll be a zombie , a cute one though. Aww. Pizza makes me happy , with veggie toppings and cheesy crust. Mascaras and eye liners are a make up essential of mine , way too important.

// To be honest , I have a very very blurry image of soda in my head. I'm a basic Pepsi and coke person so the fizzy or carbonated drinks I get to drink is Vitamin Water. So this soda thing is coca-colaaaaaa for me.

// I'm so very terrified of lizards. WAY TOO MUCH. I don't understand why they creep me out this much , it has got to be a mystery from my childhood where I was stranded on a dark island and there were so many lizards I fought with and....wait it never happened then why I am this much terrified of lizards? I'll spend the rest of life figuring it out.

// My Baba Jaan (dad) once said to me "If you make others feel inferior or don't respect them. It's not a good thing. One day , you'll have to face the same thing. You can't get passed from the pain you once gave to someone."
This thing got stuck in my mind. I kind of dislike people who don't respect others , who don't care about other. No matter if it's about a street beggar or an executive officer , everyone should be treated in a good way.

// Real Housewives? I only have some acquaintance with their GIFs.

// I want to go to Canada , on an urgent basis. Call the airport , let me book a seat. I want to land on Niagara falls , straight. Maybe not straight , I don't want to die in freezing water. Ops.

// #teamPAJAMAS. Good night , sleep tight , wake up bright in your pajamas. The peaceful rule
for leading a good life.

// My favorite times of the year are written all above. Ramazan , Eid , my birthday and Sundays.

// I can't wait to pack some bags and travel all around the world. I have a teeny tiny idea that I can , I can travel as much as I want to. It's just not the right time at the moment to do it. But I will , someday :)
Annnnnd , being successful is a goal to be achieved. As firm as the last goal of Germany in World Cup. Glücklich

// Every morning I wake up with a promise , "I will start working out.....tomorrow."
This tomorrow is as near as September. Or November. How about I give it a go in 2015? Although I am so optimistic about working out.

// I'm (probably) not a good care taker when it comes to kids. I can remember when I used to dislike babies , my bad. But I don't anymore , hurrah , I love little kids. Even toddlers.

// If you ask someone about me , that you really shouldn't (just kidding. Go ask) , they'll certainly say I'm what I marked up there. It feels so good to be a fun person while being a little more responsible and independent. Life isn't about considering EVERYTHING on others , but it is to lead it on your own while BEING with others. My golden rule.

// I like friends with pizzas. Or me with pizzas. Or us with pizzas. Pizza pizza pizza.

// Love , is such an important thing to me. It's not The Notebook love , it's just about caring way too honestly about the people in my life. Where we all will be by each other's side, forever ever ever.

// I'm not a party-hard-cuz-yolo person. So my weekends are peaceful , fun and relaxing. I'll go on a long drive with family or eat out.

// I look forward to rest & relax in my room. Honestly. No matter how much work or fun or anything I did , the best part of my day is to be in my bed , resting well :)

What would be your answers to The Blogmopolitan Quiz?
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  1. Lol you should have heard me trying to pronounce your name. I keep saying it like "Nore" as in more but with an N. And I've been saying your last name right. Haha! You're so cute :)

  2. I like to call you Nooray cause Nooray means (in my point of view) your mood is in hooray! Noor is hooray (means happy :D)
    Now I am going to be happy too because I'll start to call you dear Nooray! :p

    Labina | Dear Labina Design.

  3. I used to love those magazines when I was younger too. I'd always cheat and look at the answers so that I'd get Jesse McCartney as the result. Haha. I used to have the biggest crush on him. Great post though! x

  4. Yay I just completed mine too!! Haha it was actually quite fun. Jeez it has been ages since I bought or read a magazine.


  5. Noorie, let me hug you. I know how it feel like without Tea. :)

  6. Love trying new restaurants! Favorite thing to do with my mom but we hit new places on Saturdays! Stopping in from the link-up! Happy Monday!

  7. Eyeliner, tea and pyjamas! Snap! Oh, and pizza and Canada! I love Canada, I have family there and they are so lovely! Also, I really want to travel, just go everywhere and see different cultures, eat lots of different food and meet amazing people. And that advice from your dad, it's spot on! Great post, Fatima :)

  8. Oh my.. this is awesome. Well, I still haven't had time to do mine yet. But hopefully, it'll be up in the next couple of days. As for your answers, even I grew calling it Coca-cola (and it'll continue to be the same as long as it's there!) HAHA. And I think unless someone actually "literally" has a ice-cold blood, everyone would go 'aww' at cute babies. Eeek! <3

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