Summer Favorites : Beauty Edition

Summer Favorites : Beauty Edition

I am a little picky when it comes to make-up. I had always been a basic lip gloss person (literally) but now when I am a high school graduate and nearly 17 years old , it would be fair to be indulged in SUCH activities. Yeah , I am saying so (insert a smiley emoji here)
Well , Summer time is here!!!! actually it's been a little while and soon it would be nearly winter. Well , not exactly as Karachi don't give me a reason to chill , it's always HOT! For summer , I wanted to share some of my favorite beauty products that I've been using.

1. L'Oréal Total Repair 5 Shampoo :
I just started using it this summer. My hair were really damaged , holla to the experiments I keep doing with my hair , eh! In short , my hair were really damaged and somehow the natural shine of hair was non-existent in my hair. So I intended to change my shampoo to something really effective. Ta-da , I bought it and after a few washes , I realized this shampoo really worked for me. My hair are a little curly in tips while they're straight from roots. Though I keep them straight with straighteners and stuff . Okay , I probably love straight hair so darn much. In my case , this shampoo seemed to be doing all 5 things it claims to do. It's my most favorite summer product , my hair thanked me, actually.
L'Oréal Total Repair 5 Shampoo

2. Dove Beauty Bar (pink) :
I'm an ultimate lover of Dove beauty bars. Despite the fact I love them already , this certain pink bar has made me a fan of it. I use their cream bar generally , this one was bought by Baba Jaan (dad) quite accidentally . I had asked him to get me "Dove bar" and perhaps it was the first thing he saw in store and picked it. Sigh.
Fortunately , it made my skin even smoother and I felt fresh. My skin seemed to be glowing after a few washes. Mind it , I wash my face MULTIPLE times a day so I could see the results very easily.
Dove Beauty Bar (pink)

3. Nivea Labello (Rose) : 
I am not much of a lipstick person , still yet. I prefer lip glosses and lip balms. Labello is Amma Jaan (mom)'s favorite so she got one for me. I liked their lemon flavor too but this Rose balm was beyond amazing. It smells like roses , freshly picked roses to be exact. It has to be my summer favorite because I use it every single time I put on make up.
Nivea Labello (Rose)

4. Eye Liners ( most favorite product this season) :
I hadn't been interested in eye liners much than I am now. I don't know when did I start loving eye liners this much , this love was very well reserved for mascaras before. The reason is simply that I think I have big eyes , mainly Areeba says so. Aw , that's something cute. In general , sisters especially twin sister don't really say such stuff in public ;)
I couldn't pick a single favorite in eye liners , I guess I love every form of it (eek!!!)

5. Maybelline Mascaras :
As I just said , I just love mascaras. Maybelline mascaras are so cool *in a teenager's voice* (wait , I AM a teenager)
I prefer using water proof mascaras. That's why I also love Rimmel mascars. Their false lashes mascara was my last year's favorite thing. This summer , I fell in love with Maybelline mascaras more.

These products are my current favorites. And certainly will be for the whole season. I hardly go for experiencing stuff , hehe.

Happy Ramazan !!! I am a little late to wish, it's already third fast in Pakistan and 4th in other countries. I simply wanted to greet everyone :) may this month bless us all.

What are your summer-favorites in beauty products?

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  1. awesome! L'oreal has made few changes of my hair : D
    I have tried it out, but I didn't hold it out, because I prefer using Dove shampoo than it : )
    Dove makes mine soft, and relieves my bad 'shed' hairs heheh


  2. This shampoo has CHANGED my life. Psst, actually my hair's life.

  3. I sadly dont use any of these but maybe I should use the shampoo b/c at times my hair feels like a brillo pad. and is so rough feeling.


  4. do you use the matching conditioner that is the same kind as the shampoo? i need something for my hair.

  5. Great summer faves you have here! I love the combo of eyeliner and mascara for the summer myself! There are days where I just walk out of the house wearing that and lipstick!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  6. My summer favorites include bare minerals bronzer and my revlon mascara!

  7. Oh you classic beauty! Good to know your summer products. Eye Liners is awesome, it suit you girl! :)

  8. Loving your summer essentials - I'm in winter right now so I'm only thinking of snoods and hot water bottles :)

    Wishing you an amazing Ramadan lovely Noor - and seriously excited for the snail mail to begin xxx


  9. Yes! Waterproof mascara is a must. I have been curious about that one since I saw it on the TV.

  10. I love eyeliner too! I like doing top eyeliner and will hopefully be experimenting with colours - my favourite is purple!

    great post, Fatima x


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