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Solid by Sapil - A SouvenirI love receiving gifts. Who doesn't?
Last week, my Barre Baba (uncle) came from Dubai, he had been to South Africa's various cities and U.A.E. When he returned to Karachi, we were having quite a good family time together. He gave me a gift he bought from there, a deodorant

In the morning, I asked him "Barre baba, do you read my blog?"
He replied "No."
Okay. He doesn't.

The deodrant he bought for me is just so amazing that I couldn't resist myself from doing a small review. To be honest, it's really hard to tell about a fragrance unless you've used it yourself. There's nothing to show, no swatch, nothing else. How hard!

It's Solid from Sapil, it's mainly a men deodorant. I rather using men fragrances because they're strong. Most of the feminine scents are too sweet or honey like. It doesn't really mean I don't use feminine scents at ALL! I do :)
Solid by Sapil - A Souvenir

Solid is a strong, woody scent. With a fresh aroma. I really liked how it stayed long even though it was a deodorant, not a perfume.
When I choose a scent, I make sure it's a little musky (mostly), it smells sensational. Believe me, it does! Imagine, I enter a room and everyone just turns around and takes a deep breath or whatever that happens in commercials and they all are still. HOW STUNNING !!!
*daydreaming mode off*
I was talking to a friend about how scents reflect our personalities. I'd like to talk about it here too. Nothing beats a person who's smelling good rather than a smelly, sweaty person. But it's nothing to be worried about, you can always carry a body spray or roll-on to keep yourself fresh. In fact, you should.

If you're a person with a girly girl and cheeky personality: sweet and floral scents.
if you're an executive personality: musky or woody scent.
If you're an adventurous person: fresh or citrus scent.

So this present is great. I guess I'll keep using it. Thank you Barre baba for this awesome present (yay!!!)
Sapil has a Pakistani website too, so you can buy it from their website. Google it for some other county's outlet.
While I was taking photos, flash got opened quite accidentally and the shot I took looked like I was doing an advertisement for Sapil, I cropped myself, though. Haha!!!
Solid by Sapil - A Souvenir
What kind of scents do you use / like?
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  1. Review or a way to bribe him to read your blog?

  2. Boy:) you can tell yall are sisters! I'm glad I was an only child:)

  3. Hey Duckie, its seem like you've make a change on your blog. It looks cool. I love pink pink, so its just sobering my eyes. And your Barre baba is 'Barre sweet'. I never get any gift from aboard bcuz my all babas are Pakistanis, unfortunately. hehe!! ;)

  4. Haha, I wonder if he will read this review ;)

    Corinne x


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