New Look & Good Life

I'm so happy to reveal the new look of Noor's Place. Monogrammed logo and some girly pastel look had been on my mind for a long time , I just couldn't make it happen. Also , my files remained in my laptop which was gone to maintenance center and came back after ages. This way , it took a whole century ( I like to brag) to have it installed on my blog.
So welcome to the very fresh and new Noor's Place. I updated About and Twin Life page as well , take a look.
Just because my blog had a re-design , my design studio had a new look as well. I do justice my web homes. Haha!

I designed a few blogs while I wasn't blogging, so this way I wasn't really unplugged from web world. Aye.
If you'd like to check them out , go to my portfolio .
In celebration of new designs , my blog ads are 50% off , use code "NEW" and get the spot of your desire.

Back to the real world.

I've been so lazy , it's Ramazan after all. I don't sleep all night , go to bed after Sehri (if you're familiar with Ramazan , Sehri is the meal eaten before dawn for starting fast ) and sleep till noon. YAY.
I have been writing and working on a journal , like I am trying to be creative and putting it on a paper. It can either be a proof or a good ole sign , I had never been a fan of writing things down. I'd schedule or plan things on my Galaxy and ta-da , the vulnerable techo generations that's so mine , does it. I am glad I somehow going to get along with paper. Smiles.

There's a song I've been singing way too much. Although I am a terrible singer , this song just can't get off my mind and I keep singing (a little slowly without being caught). Mirrors of Justin Timberlake (Kizomba Version)
I love the original track as well . But this remix version is far too awesome. Sorry Mr. Timberlake , I can't really help it :) Give it a go and listen , if you get addict then maybe we can be bestfriends , lel . But it was originally suggested by my best friend so I am giving it away for everyone else to get addict with it.

Have a great summer day , everyone.
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  1. Looks awesome. I can't wait to show my new look soon.


  2. Love the new look! I recently simplified my own blog design and it's been the most energizing change! I feel excited to blog again. I'm loving all of the bright colors. Your space feels like a happy one!

  3. Happy summer dear!! ♥ love the new look!


  4. Love it. Then again, I love all things girly & pastel :) Check out my blog: http://www.itsacurlsworld.com

  5. Your new layout looks great! Love your colours!

  6. I love love LOVE the new design!!
    Congrats Noor!

    Natalie | allthingsnataliechrista.blogspot.com

  7. Love your new blog design! you are one talented lady!

  8. Are you fasting for Ramadan? Some of my friends are doing it and it is incredible how they can go through the entire day without a lick of water, especially with the heat waves we've been having. Their energy is completely depleted so this month has been very calm for me since they're all too tired to do anything and by the time they break fast it's like 9PM since the sun sets here at like 8:40 - Signed up for your sponsorship doll, looking forward to working together ;) Happy Happy Day -Iva

  9. Noor! your new blog design is very clean, tidy and awesome! as always you did it before :p
    also love to checkout your new portfolio! great news, dear Noor! <3

    Labina | Dear Labina Design.

  10. You're so lucky that you can transform your look of your blog!! You should be proud that you can do it so successfully!


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