How To Deal With Stress?

How to deal with stress?

Yesterday was the last Friday of Ramazan , Eid is expected as soon as 29 July. It's been so quick , I'll miss everything about it until next year.

I haven't been much active on my blog or social media. Not only because I've been fasting for Ramazan , I feel like I have been stressed for no particular reason at all. Speaking about stress is a biggy big stressed thing itself. But I'll give it a shot.
With my high school graduation in April , I have been moving here and there. To home , to grands , to Daadi (grandma)'s , I couldn't set myself to one place. My laptop had some errors , my tablet wasn't something I could use for operating my social media and blogs and I didn't want to use any other computer systems.
With a pressure of all things related to real life , with no place to let out creativity or ideas and a whole lot to do , I was feeling lost. I'd be texting my friends ALL day or some days would go silently like I didn't even know how to speak. I thought it was normal but in reality , it really wasn't.

How long could it go like that? I kept thinking to get my stuff together and start a "whole" new schedule , planning and making ideas. But I wasn't really accomplishing it. Then , I talked to my Amma Jaan (mom) , with more like crying, so she gave me some tips to get over with my mind issues and have a better and planned tomorrow.

Dealing with stress isn't easy. But it's not also impossible. Stress is basically a burden our mind creates and it seems so alive, even more than the reality. If you want to fight (boom boom) with stress, you'll have to calm yourself and relax.

 Deal With Stress
1. I wasn't having a good sleep time. I'd be awake whole night and sleep till 2 PM noon. According to Amma Jaan , it was destructive. So I told myself to go to bed as early as I can .

2. Calm your mind. I had been listening songs on a very loud volume that sometimes gave me severe head & ear aches. My mind would be buzzing with lyrics whenever I tried to think about something. So I didn't really go for music , if I did , it was slow and low-toned one.

3. Eat well. When I am stressed , I will eat and eat A LOT. Which can be painful afterwards (see also : nightmares, lack of sleep) . Eating well goes into having a small but good diet as a glass of juice with a sandwich or a chocolate bar or some pizza slices. I eat what makes me happy , so choose whatever makes you happy.

4. Write. When you don't feel like talking to anyone , write it down. Don't type on your gadget , write on a paper with a pen. It feels SO relieved when I finish writing something. Hah , that's another thing that I start to feel like J.K. Rowling . Wink.

5. Go to a social gathering. Wait , I can tell you it can get more overwhelming in social events. Don't choose something too crowdy. A peaceful place as an art exhibition or a little family dinner. Family dinners are better , you know they're the people who are at your side , every & anytime.

6. Talk to someone. One huge sign of stress is that you won't like to talk to anyone, even your best friend. Here , you'll have to brace yourself and puke out everything that's been bothering you to someone you trust blindly. It works more than anything. As I had said , stress is something our mind creates so letting it out wouldn't really bother you anymore.
On a fun note : when I feel stressed , I take multiple selfies.

One of my blogging fellow Stephanie wasn't blogging as she was having blogging stress. I intend to help her , so here are some extra tips if you're facing stress in blogging , in particular.

Be inspired , don't get confused. You see a hundred of awesome photos on some blog , yet your camera only takes a bunch of fancy photos. That blog has a great scenario , yours don't. Then what?
Don't let it overwhelm you too much. Try taking inspiration from other blogs but don't run after to it , blindly. Or else you'll stop seeing your own blog and creativity.

Note down ideas as they come. If I am thinking about a post while laying on my bed at night , there are 99% chances I will forget it at morning. So whenever an idea sparks in your mind , note it down. Use your phone , or notebook or planner. Just go for it.

Keep calm and carry on. "Don't compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 20." I love this quote. When you start a blog , it doesn't really go UP in days or months. It requires constant working , attention, resources and networking. Each element is necessary. So don't compare the success of your blog to someone who's been blogging for ages . They must have put efforts in it.

These are some few things I learned all by myself , with help of others. If you feel stressed , just let it out. Draw , paint , write , talk to someone but don't let it kill you. Stress isn't a disease , it's a made up thought , basically.

How do YOU deal with stress?
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  1. This are great tips Noor. I can relate to everything you mentioned. I'm not particularly good at talking about what's bugging me. So I usually listen to music (LOTS of it) or read a book. Or sleep (I'm surprised what a great stress-buster it is lol). As per as blogging is considered, I try to gather as some ideas and inspirations I can when I'm on a blogging break. It makes me fell less like I'm away. <3

  2. Ahhhh...you nailed it!:) I need to blare more music and unwind aparantly! My husband says I stress way to much as he sits there cool as a cuecumber! I'm like how do you do it?! And he simply says...I just don't let it bother me! One day I'll achieve that attitude! Thanks again Noor!:)

  3. Such great advice!

    - Alaska Renee

  4. I do all the relaxing things, such as yoga! :) I love yoga!

    Please Noor, Join my photo challenge in August! :D

  5. Writing, walking, and talking to my closest friends are my stress relievers. I like all of your suggestions, especially the ones about blogging stress. Very helpful! :)

  6. I can really relate to everything you wrote! This is a great post Noor and I love your tips for dealing with stress. It's so true - it's in your mind and you have to consciously choose to deal with it to overcome it. Love these tips! Carly

  7. Dealing with stress can be alot. Esp if you let it build up alot. But, destressing is the best. And there's so many things to do. I love to blog and vent to my best friends

  8. I usually deal with stress by drinking a bottle of wine LOL. Not the best!

    Hope you get your computer issues sorted soon and Eid Mubarak :)

    Corinne x

  9. I like your comment the best corinne:)

  10. Stress? Make it go away? Nah I make stressful issues even more stressfu than they were in the first place...fun huh? I just go to sleep for a few hours, wake up and try tackling my problems with a fresh mind.


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