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In past few days , me and Areeba had been planning our careers.It may seem a little early to talk about careers , but in September , we're getting into college and we have to choose a field. This way , our careers will be determined. It sounds boring ( *yawns* ) but of course , every important thing is boring.

If you've been reading my blog, you may know I am into finance field. Commerce , accounting and business administration is my thing , or I claim so . Wink face added.
But Areeba is all about creativeness. Her designs , drawing abilities and art sense is much higher than mine. We have always been together in school , in class and in everything else. So when it came to our mind strategies , I was confused because as a twin , I really didn't know how we're going to do it all alone. Areeba , in other field because she wouldn't be fitted in mine. And me , in some business field because I have always thought I lack creativeness.
So , I was like " I don't find myself much creative. I'll be fine with calculating numbers and stuff. "

But then , we were planning to start a Snail Mail program. It is originally Areeba's idea (yeah credits are given before I get sued by her , lel) She was so excited and I was planning along. I thought I should give "creativeness" a shot. So I picked my colours up and started a live rainbow on white lifeless paper.
das ittt.
And this happened (!!!!!!!!!!)
I didn't know I could do something like this. This quote is mine , so do the design. After kindergarten, I had actually given up colours and mainly everything related to arts. So I am kinda amused with it.

It was something that was hidden , in my mind. In fact, I was afraid I may not do something good. Or I would end up messing colours and everyone would think I couldn't do it. How little thing but it had always refrained me from doing something. I don't know what should I call it but I am glad I got over it. Probably it really doesn't mean that I am going to be next Picasso , but I'll be going crayyyy craayyy with colours.
Writing it all here meant a message and it is : if you think you can't do it , then DO IT. You'll mess up one time , second time but not the third time. Everything we see isn't possible is mainly possible. It's only thoughts that are deceiving .

So I am all up up up for being more creative. Being more confident and even more happy with everything I have thought I couldn't conquer. Oh , I also had something to share. As I said above , me and Areeba are going to start a snail mail program on our blogs. Where you'll sign up and get a partner. Then you'll send out a snail mail parcel to your partner and would get one in return. It is going to be soooo much fun. I have always wanted to be connected via mail world. After all those gadgets and technology, I still love sending and receiving paper good and letters in mail box.
This plan is in progress , we're planning to put it live as soon as possible. Are you up for it? ( Yo , let's be!!)

Is there anything you think you conquered like I did?

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  1. I'm so excited for the snail mail program! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with :)

  2. Good on ya for getting more creative. I'm like Areeba- the pits at math, yet my creativity is good! I like that you're giving the creative thing a try and you surprised yourself with a great quote!
    I love the idea to start up a snail mail link up. I'll keep myself posted and let you know if I can do one once it all starts. :)

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  4. your snail mail program is exciting, hihi :))


  5. Maybe I'll become a better accountant than you and surprise you!

  6. That's so great you are embracing creativity! I have recently done the same and it feels so good :)

  7. Very cool Noor :) hope your ideas take off in the direction that will promote growth for the both of you! :) Good luck planning your careers - don't worry about the little details, things work themselves out one way or another. Have a great one -Iva

  8. It looks amazingggg and I love the quote!


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