It's Been A While

Oh my, is it for real that I am typing for my blog again? I guess it is. In the long line of chaos of life, I missed my blog. And blogging. And everything related.
Did the cyber space miss me? (secretly , I want a positive answer)

A lot happened and a lot is happening Life never stops , woah. If you had asked me about life matters only a year ago, I'd make a poker face and say "YOLO" . But right now , my mind is weaving answers in defence of life matters , they aren't much of a kid candy. Boy , is life easy?

I may have many things to say , maybe a lot to tell and I guess a LOT to read over big wide web. At the moment, my two lovely little cousins are playing with balloons and I am wanting a big cup of tea (always expecting and wanting tea. You know)
But for now , I'll just tell myself to stare at my screen and cherish over the idea that I am doing what I like to do. And liking what's going to happen. You never know ;)

Just like Robert Brown's quote , I can say :
"In few words , I can sum up my life : 12345678 texts and emails , fjrgfrbhjgrhjn events to attend and an infinite time to think about my career. Phew"
Hah , you can tell me I have no career in Math.

Except of thinking about how do I fight for math , I did :
-Attended the farewell party given to high school graduates from my school. Wow , I am not in school anymore. Like , okay </3

- Set up my room. I have my state of peace . Actually , Amma Jaan (mom) thinks room is my "kingdom" . Does a room make a good kingdom?

- Swapped LOL to "Lel" . trust me , it's even better and actually makes me laugh. Lel , lel , LEL . Punny.

- I had become a philosopher. Right , a philosopher. I kept writing sad-ish quotes and alas! Before I would turn into a statue , I got rid of being "extra philosophical"

- I somehow managed to get ADDICTED to Retrica. It's such a selfie app , awww. But don't think it's cute, it's destructive (Amma jaan said so) Because when she checked my camera roll , it had 500 retrica selfies. She hates it now :/

- I love Karachi even more.

That's it for now. I am acting like a giddy kid who just met her friend after a while. Hey blog and bloggy mates , IT'S BEEN A WHILE.
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  1. YaY....so glad you're back girlie! We missed you in bloggyland! You and areeba must do a room tour for us!

  2. Glad you're back! :) Anyway, I hated math but I learned to love it. I only hated it if the concept is new and I don't know how but once I get to catch things up, I love it. I especially love algebra but I really hate advanced calculus and trigonometry. haha

  3. It HAS been awhile. But Blogland is welcoming you back with opened arms.. ! :)

  4. oops.. I meant "open" arms. Not opened..

  5. Lel (? trying), hahaha, I know that feelinggg, we do miss youuu <3 I miss youuu, haha. Welcome back! Awh, *hugs* DW, life after high school esp. if you're going to the university is so so so much more fun! More free time = yessss!


  6. I know I missed you! I came back to blogging and then you disappeared for a hot minute. Don't do that again!

  7. Soooooo happy you're back! I missed you so much! And I don't see anything wrong with 500 selfies...!


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