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Lately , when I scroll down my Facebook feed and look around , there are SO many random memes and quote pages . Some of them are funny , some are sad and some are completely....... I don't know what to say , vulgar?
But the great thing is that they make my free time (whenever I have much free time to log in and actually see my feed) a good one. I was once serious about making my one page except of my own blog page , eeek but I really didn't know what would I actually post.

Sad pages : ah , so many heart broken people together. I am saying it in a good way. Sometimes they even bring tears in my eyes for no reason . But I am surely not a romantic person . Declined .

Funny Pages : Sharing multiple funny photos , finding them , creating them , stealing off Google. That's what the page admins do. So it was completely a No-No for me. Declined .

Sarcastic pages : My Amma Jaan (mom) already thinks there should be a ban on my sarcastic side so hey , that page would have had me kicked out of my house and I couldn't let it be at merely being 16 so it was... DECLINED.

After thinking about what it shouldn't be , I knew I wouldn't really be having a random Facebook page where people can creep on when they have free time. *sad face added* but the bits I had in my mind can be put on my blog right? It won't hurt a bit.
 Page Name : Things Noor Says
Funny Facebook Meme Photo
Ya know *yawns*
Funny Facebook Meme Photo
I may or may not have any goal. But this is a real thing.

Funny Facebook Meme Photo
Working out? I need to think about it. But right now , I will be needing some energy .

Funny Facebook Meme Photo
 Okay , I am probably a little bad at cheering people up.

Funny Facebook Meme Photo
Saving money? Then why do we even have banks?

I just nod my head with the idea that I am not alone , slightly fed up by TOO many pages , while having a tiny wish to have one of your own. Sighs . It is one of the toughest jobs so hey there if you're a page admin and reading it , you rock (mostly) .

Annnnd , I wanted to say a big thanks to Stephanie , who blogs over The Mechanics Wife . For her new blog post that she wrote for me and in the praise for design I did for her. She's a Floridian and is an amazing person. If you're reading it , please check out her blog :)

Have you ever wanted to run a random Facebook page or something?
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  1. I love those accounts. Love the Sleeping one, TOTALLY AGREE! LOL

  2. hahah! so cute. I can't even fathom reallllly saving money, really, I should get on that.
    Kallie - But First, Coffee

  3. Those facebook funnies, sads and downright vulgars fill my facebook feed all of the time. It makes me mental! I like your little quotes though- they're cute, like you!

  4. Hahahahaha this is the best thing ever noor!

  5. You are so funny and you have the cutest face ever!!!! lol

  6. Thought Catalog is one of my favorites. Totally funny as HELL girl!

  7. That life goal! While searching for Dev, find me a Murat Yildirim too!

  8. lol . that's so funny , i loved the first saying ,


    - my insane shoes & bags haul up on my blog :


    P.S. Follow me on insta & i will instantly follow back @nanyslife

  9. yeah so true that there are so many random things on facebook. love your sleeping quote :)

  10. LOL THAT LAST ONE hahahahaaha. I'll join you in that.


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