Things I Would Never Do Again

There are certain things in life I really want to do once or multiple time , hiking (done) , skiing , surfing or anything else water sports related. Except of my ambitious plans, I have hated something I did and would never do again.

// baking a cake in microwave oven:
My baking experience have always been worse. I intend to act like a Master Chef's winner but alas , it doesn't go the way I want it to go.
I have baked two cakes in my whole life , in microwave because honestly , I can't operate an oven so far. Gotta learn. So those two cakes go as : one was burned , the second one never got cooked.

// Attending a rally :
On earth's day, I attended a rally with Areeba that was organized by the junior branch of my school. Cool , rallies have always appeared "cool" to me. When I reached at avenue , none of my school fellows arrived except of a girl. Burn.
Then , we walked from one branch to another (junior school to high school), in a very ugly hot day. Kids were shouting , Earth day rhymes were being sung and all I cared about the distance left to reach my school.
Unfortunately , there were security and camera men with the rally and I must appear as a red-face and hurrying girl .
this is how I looked in the very middle of rally. MESSY!!!

// attaching two live wires :
This is probably the most dangerous thing i have ever done in my WHOLE life. The electricity and I , are like two negative poles. I am even cautious while pressing a switch .
I remember what EXACTLY happened. I was doing an experiment, something Physics related. It was supposed to connect some wires. Neutral and live one. Without even realizing , I was just going to connect the live ones , together. It didn't get in and somebody shouted behind me to stop.
Unless , I guess there would be a blast or something. And people would write R.I.P with my name.

Is it something you DO NOT want to do again?

I have sweet Lydia from The Journals Of A Piccolo Pixie in sponsor session. She's literally the sweetest person and I love reading her blog , where she shares her musical adventures and other bits from life.

Q1: What is your dream career?
My dream career would be to be an actress. Specifically in musicals, but really any kind of acting. Film, TV, stage... Anything. I'm a show girl at heart. I figured out the other day, I have been doing shows (dance shows, concerts, musicals etc) since the age of 4. Which makes a total of almost 16 years! The only reason I chose not to do musical theatre at uni was because I didn't want to end up hating it from doing it so much for such a long period of time. But really, I want to be on that stage... All the time...

Q2: Scotland is beautiful . Is there any city everyone should visit when they come to Scotland?
I may be biased, but everyone should visit Edinburgh. I think it's the most beautiful city in Scotland. There's such an incredible mixture of old architecture and new, of wide green spaces and buildings, of historic places and new coffee shops... I love it so much. And if there's one place you should go in Edinburgh, it's the top of Arthur's Seat. From there you can see just about the whole of Edinburgh - from the Pentland Hills to the Firth of Forth.

Q3: What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
I actually found this quite a difficult question... There are so many fabulous things I've been told. But I guess the best one would have to be "smile, even when no one's looking". I find it incredibly easy to put on a front. I guess that's the actress in me. But it's very difficult to keep up when no one else is there. I do find, however, when I do manage it, I actually make myself feel happier simply by acting like it!

So now you want to visit her? go to her blog , follow on twitter or facebook . Your choice.

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  1. Attaching two live wires?! AHHH lol
    XO, Ellen from Ask Away

  2. haha. I get what you mean by getting into a rally. I haven't been in one but I've done parades on foot on a long distance under a very hot day. It was not so fun! Btw, mine would probably be, fixing a laptop on my own. I'm used to fixing my gadgets on my own with the use of google and youtube. Oftentimes, it's a success but there's one time where I opened my laptop's back which is kind of stupid and tinkered it myself. I made it worse.

  3. Yikes yeah Ill stay away from electricity!
    Ummm I never want to get a divorce again..it sucks the life out of you!

  4. I wouldn't want to do those things again either! Glad you're safe from the two live wires:) At least you know what not to do:) Hope you're having a great day!

  5. Sounds like a good idea to just try those once and never again. Acupuncture is one thing that I have tried but I'll never want to do again!

  6. Attaching two live wires...that's definitely something I could pass on haha. NO THANK YOU.

  7. this is awesome! haha
    i participated in rallies when i was in school and hated it. not for me!

  8. Rallies always seem like a good idean in theory...but when it comes to practice things can get a little bit dicey!

  9. Yikes! It's so lucky you weren't hurt in the wire scenario! x

  10. What was the rally for? Haha yes I look forward to not driving a car without AC during the blistering hot and not working weekends and not cleaning out dog cages :P Happy Hump Day Noor! -Iva

  11. whoaaa! Attaching two live wires? Nooooooor.....

  12. ahhh so scary about almost connecting those wires!

  13. I don't bake! Do I feel ya on that one!

  14. Attaching two live wires! NOOR! Bad girl. Rob would have to say that he has felt a really good shock or two in his lifetime,being an electrician. He always corrects people if they say they were electrocuted. He'll say; Nooo you were shocked. If you were electrocuted you would be dead.

  15. Noor! You baked a cake in the microwave :o I didn't even know that was possible!! hehe I like getting the pre-packaged ones tho, the Betty Crocker ones that you just add eggs, oil & milk too - then presto! Done! Much easier than making ones from scratch ;)
    I also saw in your rally picture that you had headphones! Smart to bring music, especially when not many people showed up!

    Cat // CACHOO JOO

  16. Two live wires is really scary, love this post of yours and how sincerely you are!

    P.S: Enter my GIVEAWAY on WWW.THEFASHIONCUISINE.COM and win $80 voucher free to spend on Chicwish!

  17. I had an easy bake oven when I was 6 or 7...which was very similar to cooking a cake in a microwave oven. I don't recommend baking that way anymore! :)

  18. Hi beautiful,
    I was just browsing through & stumbled upon your lovely blog - It looks gorgeous and it has interesting posts that I can relate to. I'm now following you via gfc, keep in touch love x

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  19. I try my best to stay away from electricity.


  20. 2 live wires? Eek! And Im not great with cakes either, but I wont be trying to bake one in the microwave anytime soon!

  21. Hahahaha the baking part made laugh super hard! Oh just go and show that oven who's the boss, baking can be super fun -and you get to taste everything <3!-


  22. aaahhhhhh hahahaha I was laughing until I saw, attach two live wires!!! Geeeeeeee!!!!!!
    I've never baked a cake - I don't trust myself with baking in general! I can cook a good curry... but don't set me loose with some cake flower and measuring cups.. not a good plan at all!!


  23. Girlfriend... never ever cook your cake in the microwave. If you are using eggs in the cake (like most recipes) it's still considered raw and it could give you food poisoning! Reason why I always say NO whenever my oldest daughter wants to lick the bowl. No way.

  24. Yes, baking a cake in the microwave is pretty horrible, but not if it's a mug cake!! (something to try???)
    Things I never want to do again- get a short boy haircut. 5th-6th grade was just a terrible experience overall!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  25. When will there be a grab a friend? people started to unfollow me and I feel like I need to discover some new friendos! :) I miss you btw! :D

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