The Rules of the Perfect Summer (Guest Post)

The heat of summer has started to blaze already. Isn't it? While I type, my mango juice is calling (actually shrieking) me to drink it. You can't decline such offer. I mean , sun is the hottest thing that ever came in my life.
Today, Paulina from Color Me Brave is sharing her summer life on blog. So put on your shades and read along .
summer lovin
The count down has begun to the start of summer and since it is the most wonderful time of the year. I figured why not write my guest post all about that good summer lovin time by talking about how to have the best summer ever. Growing up I was raised in a way where summer was the best thing ever and each day had to be taken advantage of because it had to be treated like it would never come again. So in true summer lovin fashion, I was on 4 simple rules to follow each year that would guarantee to have everyday of summer be the greatest day in my entire life.
The Rules of the Perfect Summer
Rule Number 1: The Outfit - My mom always taught me each summer you need just one outfit new. Forget about the bathing suits, you want that one outfit that you feel great in that you can throw on in a moments notice be ready to go have a blast. But look great, feel great and just happy.
For me it is always the perfect summer dress. Something I can just throw on in the morning hit the beach, park or a friends house. Regardless of what I was doing this one dress was perfect for it.

Rule Number 2: Laugh like no one is watching- My parents has a close knit of friends and therefore their kids all now all my best friends. And we were always told growing up don't let others stop you from having fun and living every moment like it is the last.
Summer Lovin Everyday
Exhibit A
This photo is of my cousin doing a handstand/massage on my uncles back. I am sure everyone in our surroundings are wondering if I are mentally sane. But as you can see from my cousins face we are having a blast.
Plus this whole headstand thing is totally normal for us.
Summer Lovin Headstands
However now that I am typing this out and pulling up photos this is probably really weird how many photos we have us this pose and poses similar to this.

Rule Number 3: Take Photos- Photos are really the best way to remember great things you have done before. And you really are the happiest during summer with friends and family so why not take full advantage of that.
Summer Lovin Old & Young
Exhibit B
On the left is my cousin and I with our parents on vacation then flash forward a bunch of years and on the right there we are again plus a sibling for me and my other aunt and uncle having 2 more kids plus the oldest just being older than a few months.
I can remember many summer where my cousin and I demanded many holes to be dung to play in. Then to just a few years ago and even today us all being force to pose for photos. But from newborn and every summer after that there is a photo of us all posing.
Rule Number 4: Just smile everyday.
Visit Paulina's wonderful blog at Color Me Brave . Or find her on Twitter or Facebook.  You can follow her blog on Bloglovin' . She is always sharing her fitness lifestyle , dating experience and even more fun things. And all dog moms, you'd love her dog Palmer ;)


  1. I wait for summer outfits all year long! And yeah smile, just smile because it's FINALLY SUMMER!

  2. Great rules for summer! I live in Florida, so we practically have summer for the whole year! Summer outfits are the best, for sure. And beaches are the only thing that can top that!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  3. Great summer outfits! Your post makes me want to go to the beach so badly.
    Natalie @ findingmyownvoice7.blogspot.com

  4. Haha! I've never seen a handstand/ message!

  5. What a fab post! The headstand massage really confused me though!

    Corinne x

  6. Summer is a good enough reason to smile! But you are spot on in this post, enjoying yourself, spending time with friends and family and taking photos to capture the moment!

    Fatima x


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