Less Fashion, More Sense

On a very fine morning (maybe noon. I wake up late) , I realized my laptop couldn't connect to wi-fi. I cursed my service providers as we are always in such "internet connection crisis" . Phew.
But it wasn't any fault by connectivity. Laptop couldn't connect at all , its connectivity system was dead somehow.
Long story short, it went on like that and now, I am typing from another device system. OMG , gadgets are so rude. Huh.
Anyways, things will always be like that. I have better stories to tell.

I dyed my hair. RED!!!!!
It happened two days ago. Not to worry , they're temporary. By the week, I probably have new hair tone. My fashion senses are too temporary.
Buttt , I finally got to color my hair. By hair chalking. It is a good experience but at first , my hair looked so life less. Second time , I chalked my hair in a little moist form and straighten them afterwards. That dress I am wearing is from Gul Ahmed ; g-women collections.

But to be honest, I have always wanted to colour my hair in neon or sharp shades. I imagine a 6 years old Noor, wanting to dye her color while everyone including Amma Jaan (mom) declines.
I would never get that. I always asked , "BUT WHY?" and she would say , "Fashion should make sense. Unless , it's like putting up everything on you."
It is only about hair color , where I guess I was wrong. Colored hair aren't for everyone. Like not for kids. I am nearly 17 so now I could use some hair color , it makes sense.

When it's already nostalgic and fashion talk . I can remember my old self , clinging with a low sense of my so-called fashion.
Nearly 9 years ago ( I was like 7 years old) , I loved a dress , worn by a bride in her reception. It was a lilac colored , full embroidered , traditional dress. I secretly planned to get it. When I asked Amma Jaan to get it for me , she said I was too young to wear such dress. Instead , she got me a beautiful , purple dress in same style.
Okay , I was furious (that's what I am told) . Even I declined to accept that dress but eventually, I wore it and it was a stunning piece to put on.

Now, when I look back and realize how childlike it was to act like that , I am laughing. You never know about your 7 years old brain back then. But your mom does.
Perhaps I really take it seriously now. Fashion should make sense , it should look good on you. If it doesn't , there's no benefit to follow it anyways.
If I had colored my hair at 6 or had worn a heavy dress at 7, I would have followed what I thought was "fashion". But probably , I would curse myself for being a fashion moron now , at 17.

Moral of the story: 80% of time , your mom has better fashion sense. Well , just kidding!

Have you ever been through this Fashion VS senses thing?

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  1. My mom can be useful in the fashion department but she was a 60's baby so it's kinda hard to take all of her advice. The one thing she would always reiterate to me is: don't leave the house without earrings. More than ten years later, I can't. If I do, I feel naked and I can tell when I reach my car which by then, I'm too lazy to return. :) Enjoy the red and happy hump day Noor! -Iva

  2. I love your bright red streaks! I'm always fond of excessively bright hair colors! :)

  3. I lobe your red hair. I definitely think we should all experiment with hair color especially when we're younger and care-free. Now that I'm older and have more responsibilities and a career I probably can't get away with the hair colors I chose as a teen.If I came to work with my hair blond with black and purple high lights my boss would fire me. But back then it was fun. As someone who loves fashion and believes in personal style I completely agree with you. Style should make sense and you should always dress for your age and body type. Again, it's not about being a Plain Jane or a follower but about finding things that work for you. Great post and sorry to hear about your laptop, I hate when that happens.

    Please stop by my blog sometime so we can connect more.
    --Me And My Mini Me

  4. Love the red. I've been wanting to dye my hair as well. I have eyeshadow that I am going to use to put highlights in my hair. Ive seen a lot of people on youtube use it.

  5. I love red hair! If I could, I wish I could just have red hair for the rest of my life without constantly dying it. Speaking of which, I've been dying my hair since the 3rd grade and is extremely lucky enough not to have it totally damaged! Right now, I'm keeping my blue hair until the summer is over and hopefully have a new cut/(maybe) hair colour at the end of the year.

  6. I miss reading your blog. Glad I'm back :) Want to dye my hair too but more natural shades. You look fierce!


  7. Wow!! you look so cute <3333333333


  8. Love the read hair! I dyed mine pink one time and loved it. As far as fashion goes I'm pretty sensible. A lot of the trends in America are horrendous I try to keep it a little classy and only pick up the trends I really like.

  9. I officially have to get some hair chalks this summer because I always wanted a bright blue in my hair and now I really have to do it. Who cares if I am 24 (come next week) and should be looking professional and find a full time job. Who needs it.

  10. I love your hair, Noor!!!

    I hate it when I can't connect to WIFI! Can you @ me at the chat questions or send me the links to the tweet with the questions so I can catch up when I'm online? Whichever is easier, just would like to view the questions easily!

    Corinne x

  11. I say you're definitely rockin that red hair up there! :D I do agree when you said what you wear should look good on you. Just because its the trend does not mean you have to follow it. We all have the right to be our own trendsetter! :)

    xo, Mary

  12. Lovely pics!
    I like your hair!

  13. It's great that this is temporary, so you can experiment on as many colors as you want. I once dyed part of my hair bright red and all the attention freaked me out that I dyed it back to black in a week.

  14. OBSESSED! It looks great on you!


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