This Is Why I Love Blogging

In past few days , I had been feeling a little guilty and awkward , all regarding to my blog. I was on a blogging break to complete my final high school examination , which took me like a month or more to make a way back to blogging.
To be honest, when I came back , I didn't feel I was doing blogging like I used to do before. That fun, charm and excitement wasn't even there where it had to. My passion for writing and networking seemed to be dead. Yeah , I am not kidding or "just" writing these words.

I am a person who does stuff which makes me happy or shows a productive side. Oh , don't take me seriously about productive parts . Everyone knows how I actually finished my school projects , phew!!
When blogging started looking like a burden , I felt freaked out. In my last posts , my head was air-filled and I had no motivation to complete a post or write comments or replies.
How lame.

It feels so bad when you can't do something that you used to love and STILL love but can't find a way back. That's why everything needs a guide , or a person , or a motivation track. When you have a blog , there are many ways yet none. Don't get me wrong , sometimes you can't decide what should we do .

In my case , things were same . Boring and I felt distracted. Count the #UGGHHH moment?
Then , something happened that just changed the game. You can call so because I said so. For real.

2 days ago, I received this email:
This lovely email made me cry. I never had an idea my little blog would have an impact on real world. I didn't know her but she made me SO happy. This email was sent to both of us , me and Areeba. It couldn't get any better <3 
*Thank you Ankita , I hope you read this post and realize how happy we both were to see your words.*

But the business wasn't done yet. You know us bloggers are freaky about numbers (it's not true. We're just good at Math). I felt deeply confused about blog pageviews. They weren't much , like before. My blog had a strength of 300-500 pageviews per day , where when I started blogging again , it dropped to 200 for a while. 
Heart broke , ouch.
Then last night , I went to check my pageviews , with a biscuit in my hand. I keep eating while doing blogging or reading , it keeps me occupied. Plus when's the time I don't actually like to have food any ways?
I was SHOCKED. I never had 1k + pageviews before. As I told , 500+ were my highest so far.
I am not bragging or showing it off. It's something that filled my heart with happiness. It might have been just another day where I would struggle to write a "good" post. But after these two things, I feel like boosted. I've got another reason why I should blog , because it make ME and OTHERS happy. My blog isn't probably the best , or big or anything but it IS something . It connects me to the world and is my own outlet.

I am just so glad it happened. I am starting to blog again and my planner is getting filled about what I will be doing. I sponsored a few new blogs I thought were awesome , emailed more people , planned and changed sponsorship , updated design tools. It's all good.
This isn't only a plain ol' reason why I love blogging. I love to blog because :
1. I could never imagine of working with brands or companies and learn a little about PR values. It matters a lot , this is how we're going to act in real life too.

2. Getting to know other cultures. I know everything about my Pakistani culture but I don't know much stuff about US or Canadian culture. When bloggers from other countries share their stories , I learn a LOT ( Hi, I am customs freak)

3.Networking. This is simple, I would never have known how to make acquaintance with others working in a same field. Bloggers might be a little sphere of pretty faced people, but it helps.

4. Free stuff . Oh , yep.

5.Creativity. When I started blogging, I started looking for more creative ideas. Same goes for blog designs. This way , I am motivated to be creative (which is, hardest in general)

6. Two passions . Photography and writing are my biggest passions. Now count social media in too. So blogging enables me to merge them together. It's another thing that I am a shitty photographer who often forget to take good pictures. And by photography I mean, trying to use my Nikon S4000. But future is brighter , bloggy.

Maybe there are few bloggers who feel the same or have been going through the same things I once went through. If you need any help , you should tell me about it. This time, I am starting to think about new blog programs , ideas and much more. Why not we give it a shot? Email me or spread the word , woohoo!

What do you love about blogging?

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  1. I love this post. Congratulations on all the page views - you really are reaching people from all over the world!

  2. That's awesome, Noor. :) Always a good thing to remind yourself of why you love blogging and why you started!

  3. Yay! That is stupendous, Noor! Congrats! I go through slumps in blogging, too, and worry I'm not blogging enough. I think that's ok, though. It's just the ebb and flow. Hope you're having a great day!

  4. That's great with the page views. Its always hard when you take a break from something and then come back to it. You will get back into the groove.

  5. Your description of your Blogging break is almost exactly how I had been feeling before this week. I'm glad I got back to it and even more happy that you did too!

    Congrats on the page views!

  6. Yes Noor! I am totally feeling you on this post. When I came back to blogging the beginning of April, I felt I needed to do it, yet some however it was a bit of a burden too. I love blogging like you too. But I was afraid of the numbers I was seeing and networking (sharing my blog), as I was so busy of recent that I have hardly seen my computer. But I'm think of new ways to boost my blog, new layout, more networking, and blog sharing as well. I can't wait to see what you get up to also!


  7. Forgot in my super long comment, CONGRATS on 1K views!!

  8. Sometimes, you just need a tiny affirmation from one person to make it all worthwhile!
    And thanks for your comment on my post the other day--I've really been feeling off my blogging game. I'm trying to slowly get back into it by writing when I'm ready to write, and not writing because I feel like I have to.

  9. This is so amazing. I love giving compliments because you just never know how much or little you could make someone's day. Congratulations to you for your success in blogging and page views! That's really exciting, and it is SO a sign that you need to keep doing what you love, girl! :)

    Morning Neon
    "Let's move to Vegas."

  10. yea! welcome back! wondered where you went. glad finals went well. i love to blog b/c it helps me practice writing, i get ideas, and i love a good link-up/blog hop :) bring some of yours back :)

  11. I think we all get ourselves into blog funks. I know that if I stopped for a month it would be really hard for me to return. I started my blog in 2005- wrote faithfully for two years and then I basically disappeared, for a long, long time. Now that I'm back I don't want to stop ! I love how I've met so many different people I would never talk to regularly.

    Congrats on those pageviews- that's amazing!!!

  12. Oh yep, the free stuff! Makes me feel rich haha! And yes, Ankita made my day. Hope she reads this comment, she's super sweet!

  13. Hi girl :3 I'm on a blogging break too, a short one.. yes blogging can get exhausting *_* (I wrote about it in my blog recently). It's good to take some time and come back refreshed :)
    Haha yes it's great when pageviews suddenly go up :D !

  14. The writing and the researching are my favorite. Always loved doing that throughout schooling so it is nice to do it for my own sake. Congrats on all the love you're receiving!! Very validating :D Have a great one love!! -Iva

  15. I am sooo happy for you! You definitely deserve it all! ^_^ I love reading your blog posts so please don't stop writing them!

  16. Glad I stumbled by from SITS - this is an awesome post - you mention EVERYTHING i love bout blogging! :)

  17. Great post!
    I wish you a lovely continuation!
    Have a fab weekend my dear!

  18. It's so encouraging when you receive good reader feedback about your blog! Welcome back!

  19. It was really encouraging to read this! I am at the point with my blog where I am beyond just getting it started, but it isn't to where I am making money or anything with it. So some days it can get discouraging. Thanks for sharing your story and motivating me!

  20. thats amazing! congrats on all the page views :) xo, jess #SITSSharefest

  21. I'm glad you are now motivated to keep blogging! Getting into a slump happens to us all. The e-mail is lovely =)

    Corinne x

  22. This is such an inspirational post. I sometimes get overwhelmed too and don't have enough time for my favorite hobby, blogging. Also, Noor, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you would like to accept/participate, my post is at http://kristenione.com/2014/05/06/versatile-blogger-award/

  23. I love your blog too :] I'm glad you've been back! The network is one of my absolute favorite parts of blogging, I feel like I've met so many people from all over the world and it's an amazing feeling.


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