I Wave A Hi

Can I wave a HI to everyone again? 
I am officially back :) In the past month, it's been totally busy. I am no longer a high schooler , that golden era of ten years finally came to an end. State exams went super awesome but boy , those days were stressful when I couldn't do anything but study. Phew.
I will be starting college after a whole big gap of 4 months. Yeppie, I won't be handling a student status for that long time. In between , talk to me about fun of being young .

Many things have changed, many. 
Two weddings are coming , from fam. My maternal aunt and uncle are going to be married in August with their significant others. The funny thing is that my Uncle will get married on 14th August that's the Independence Day of Pakistan and my Aunt will get married on 16th August that is Areeba's and mine birthday. How patriotic and lovely! You can read about Aunt's wedding date event here.
In short, I had been studying and preparing for two weddings. 

My galaxy tab was the most sincere friend who kept me updated with news, social media and such. The most interesting (see also: not interesting) stuff I had been eyeing is :

1. Arrival of Samsung Galaxy S5
I have been a fan of both Apple and Samsung. BOTH! I don't see a point why there is a tough comparison made by everyone on these brands. Apple is an elite and expensive brand, that no doubt makes great gadgets. While Samsung is another, quite user-friendly brand . (ahem , friendly to your bank balance)
Can you compare Maybelline with Channel? No? That's the case with Apple and Samsung for me.
As I got a Samsung Galaxy tab for myself , I was looking forward to the arrival of S5. To be honest, I am not going to buy it. Nah. Then why I was waiting?
I am asking the same thing to myself. I just love to spy on gadgets.

2. Hair Chalks

If someone tells me coloured hair are too mainstream. I would rather not listening to it. Because I've always wanted to colour my hair. Not completely, just the dip dyes or highlights. I have ordered a few hair chalks off ebay , that are taking FOREVER to arrive. Can anyone recommend me an eBay shop who will ship faster? I've lack of experience over there.
Annnd , L'Oréal just launched their hair chalks. As being self-claimed , biggest L'Oréal fan , I am dying to have their launch in Karachi so I can get my swag on. By the way, I know they're out in UK so get it while you can. I don't know if they're out in US or Canada too.

3. Blogosphere Stuff
What if I was out from blogging world? I had been keeping up as much as I could.

-My looooovely friend Raewyn is getting married tomorrow. EEEEKKK , I am SO happy for her. Please stop by her blog to congratulate her. Plis .____.
- Fatima opened her own ETSY shop. If you want to have some awesome notebooks, go to her shop.
-I really missed seeing Haley's daughter and the cutie pie Alina. She looks like a little grown up , I am always wanting to see her on instagram . She and I share the same name meaning, light <3

So that's it. I hope you remember me, that girl with curly hair and wide smile (oh stop being dramatic) . All my design projects and blog sponsors are live now. It's been....a while.
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  1. Congratulations on finishing your exams and moving onto the next stage!

  2. SO glad your back!! Looking forward to reading more posts :) dip dyes/highlights look lovely, hope you manage to find the products - I can't really recommend anything because I haven't got a clue about it, but I'll check out the hair chalks because it sounds fun! Thank you for the mention!
    Fatima x

  3. YAYAYYAYAYAY you're back! I've missed you two! I'd love to see how the hair chalk looks on you! :)

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  4. Yay! It's great to have you back. I've never had a samsung, I've had a iPhone for the past 4 years and I don't think I can ever go to anything else!

    Corinne x

  5. Welcome BACK! Can't wait for my month of sponsoring. Also let me know how the hair chalk goes because I am looking for a good brand of one for the summer.

  6. Aww.! Hi Noor. Thanks for the shout out. You have missed a lot..!! Little Alina is growing so much and I'm back to work! I feels like forever since you last posted. Congrats on graduation and to the new adventures ahead! Welcome back- you and Aree were certainly missed.

  7. Welcome back and congrats on the completion of your exams :) -Iva

  8. Omg....it's about time! Lol...Congratulations on entering the college realm! I'm sure that will be very exciting! I must hear all about the college life!! I myself have recently (& you are very right about the $! But I must say $ well spent!) I LOVE my Samsung Galaxy 4! It has become my new "Lappy!" Welcome back girl!

  9. Welcome back, I was delighted to see your post popped up on my Bloglovin again! Congrats on your high school graduation - can't wait to hear about your new college adventures!

  10. Welcome backkkk! I almost forgot what you looked like! Congrats on finishing high school. Yay for four months of freedom before college! Yippee!

  11. Welcome back! Congrats on finishing high school! Hopefully you like college! What's college like where you are? :)

  12. congrats! your hair is so pretty!! new blog address btw :) shakajamee.com

  13. Yay! Welcome back and congrats on graduating high school! Enjoy your break before college :)

  14. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy these four months off.

  15. Yayayayay at you being back!!! :]

  16. Youre back! Hurrah! :) Congratulations you two! <3


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