How I Completed My Projects

Many wise people have said that leaving today's work on tomorrow isn't a wise choice. I never agreed on that, actually I never even raised my opinion on that. I have been a person who never does work on exact time (rotten trait) 
The latest example on that went on last week . On last school project. #dangeralert
We all have to make a journal on Physics' selective practicals. They include different (and boring) practicals that we either have to write in journal and perform in lab.  They freak student out because :
1. Those are total 14 practicals.
2. Include diagrams , which are death of me.
3. They have some A & B parts.
I was supposed to submit that journal in last summer vacations. Heck , the June-July of 2013.  It took me a whole freaky year to think about it. To be honest , i had forgot I had to make a journal. On Physics. Uff!!

I don't like Physics. So I never liked to do anything related to it. I kept delaying , delaying , delaying yet last week. I HAD TO START IT as the deadline was 28 April.
So today. I completed my Physics' journal .
Yes I did.

There are some certain moments where I feel i can't do it. My brain is full of air and ideas are floating. I feel I can do it but brain keeps telling me I can't and I can never be. That's shit , brain.
Does anyone watch Brain Games show from National Geographic? It made me realize how big fat troll our brains are. Literally.
When I was a kid , my grandpa told me heart was something we should hear and follow. I always did , as a kid. When I grew up, everyone called brain the smartest and told me to follow it.
Now , I stopped following brain and picked the heart which appeared to be better. Thanks Nat Geo guys , your program made me hate my brain in such a good way :')

Apparently , I was telling you about my school project which has been done. It's not the first time I ran away from such projects . I bet everyone may have same student life stories , yet I am sharing mine.

In 6th or 7th grade , us kids were given books to read and give review after reading. Though I loved to read even as a kid, the books we would get were the most boring one. So I never read what they gave us.
How could the cat be saved after drinking the milk?
Teacher realized I didn't read the book. So I had to read many more books. Phew , at least it wasn't much worse.

In senior years , our class was assigned to make a science project. You probably have an idea by now how less I am into science. 

Anyways , I didn't make any project till two days were left. Science teacher announced that science projects would give us 20 marks. I DIED . So I hysterically went to make myself a decent science project and ended up getting choosing Galaxy and stars topic. Boy , did I ever study stars? No.
After two sleepless nights , I did my project and submitted just for the sake of 20 marks. Phew.
^ I was such a great student. Wasn't I?

Do you remember doing school projects? 

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  1. Congrats on finishing your projects! I always left everything until the last minute, but sometimes it just means that you work that much harder and end up getting the same marks! Physics was my worst subject in high school blah!

  2. Well done on finishing your projects! I was always really good at getting stuff done. I would basically start and almost finish any project or essay the day I got it, then edit it closer to the deadline!

    Corinne x

  3. So glad you finished all your projects ! I was always such a procrastinator!

  4. Yep I remember them and I enjoyed them depending on the subject. I was able to dodge Physics and took Astronomy instead. It was a good decision. Have a great one Noor! -Iva

  5. WOWOWOW you're done!! Congrats! :)) Regular projects are fine but I detest group projects.

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  6. I always put projects off as well, but now I try harder to just get things finished as soon as possible so I can move onto the next thing!

  7. Hahaha I can't remember school projects, but I'm suffering university projects, what can I say, its extremely hard to finish them on time, but *NerdAlert* its because is soo interesting and lovely that I keep on bringing topics and reading and finding awesome books! (What can I say, I'm majoring in photography and illustration, both worlds are just awesome) congrats on finishing everything tho, and thank you for your warm welcome-back comment on my blog :)



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