Degrees of annoyance

I am probably the easiest person to get annoyed so easily . This , my friends , isn't a good trait. I don't need a reason to get pissed off. It goes automatically, repeat this part. AUTOMATICALLY!
Technically, it doesn't go that way. If I like something, I will be cool with it. If I don't like it, I will go beyond crazy to stay away. Again, this isn't something really great.

First degree of annoyance:
Call it a misfortune or a bad luck stuff, I believe if I tell around what I am going to do next. It won't happen. It's been like this for years . So if I have announced an important plan and I end up calling it out loud in public, DARN SURELY it wouldn't happen. The first degree of annoyance in my case.
Aka , I usually don't speak up my important plans . If I do , I am annoyed why I did so. You know, the form of mini heart attacks and regrets.

Second degree of annoyance :
Noise , can it be a fab favorite? No.
People scratching random things , like a heavy trolley. In my opinion , super stores should be the most calm place. Where you go, buy grocery , pay and get out. But trolley's noises, random loud chattings and stuff . I almost lose my concentrate to the fictional collide with a hogwarts secret super market.
Noise is everywhere. In some music, in some places, in my minds. So , annoyance is everywhere, too. Annnd, noise while eating. That ooomp oomp thing .

Third degree of annoyance :
Talk the talk.
Just imagine I am standing with a bunch of fellows. We're getting up for a charity. You know who's going to contribute and who's not. When someone who's not even contributing for the charity is ALL up to face audience , telling them about the chairty mission , getting applauded and NOT EVEN GIVING A DAMN ABOUT CHARITY.
I hate when walk the talk isn't done. You gotta get the chicken, don't make everyone count the feather on it.

These are my three degrees of annoyance. While multiple other things annoy me. Let's count , shall we?

1. Traffic jams. Who likes to stuck in it? I'm out of this league. The real struggle is when you play a song and it's loud . So if your neighbour stuck in that traffic too, would mind.

2. Slow connections. Whether it's a slow internet connection , slow T.V system or anything. Gadgets which are slow just appear to be the death of me.

3. Late replies. If I write a long paragraph-ish message for you , so I wouldn't like to be replied 1234567 hours later once you have seen it.

4. Informal texts. I am not sure if you get that. Informal texts mean " Heyyy pwety, can u bring em 2 3 chclates? thx xoxo"
I like to write a little formally. With all comas and dots and yada yada yada. I get annoyed when I get something like that. Well, that's personal.

5. Front cameras. They're a magical invention. Aren't they? father of selfies. But their quality is always super creepy.

6. TOO much commercials in single show. I get that a popular t.v show must be packed with many sponsors but a break after a 2 minute? That's not even justice.

7. People treating animals badly. PETA , where's PETA? They need to be reported.

8. Dirty cars. This isn't something specific . While going somewhere, I see like thousands of vehicles. The cars or truck heavily dusted makes me wonder. Why would you like to ride an awesome Honda civic with lots of dirt on it? Can I call service for you?

9. Lack of switches . The first thing I do is charge all my gadgets before leaving for anywhere. If I can't get a place to charge my stuff, it's just a moment to slam my head to a wall (which I don't , of course )

10. People asking for something all over again:

Random person : Noor, have you got tissues?
Me: Nope.

*after 10 minutes*

Random person : Have you got tissues?
Me : I think I told you I don't.

*after a while*
Random person : Got tissues?
Me : I don't . (in my head: third time can't be a coincidence. What's wrong?)

What annoys you?

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  1. hahah this cracked me up :) totes agree! ;)

  2. Haha! Yes to most of these! Ugh, I hate those super long commercials. I feel like I spend more time watching commercials than the actual show. What's up with that?

  3. Lol truth - I get annoyed by repetitions. That's my pet peeve along with people being inconsiderate of another person's time, in particular MINE. I also can't stand improper texting - talk to me like an adult not a 15 year old illiterate child. I got this put some proper punctuation when needed and don't write in all caps. Get your ish together. My sister does that, talks like a 15 year old ghetto youth and I have to correct her - she hates that, but then again think about me on the receiving end when I think that this is a 38 year old woman. Get the F out! Have a great one Noor!! :) -Iva

  4. Good post ;
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    *check them out please*

  5. Lololol I missed these, you're so funny! I also HATEEEE traffic, they're a sure way to ruin my day.

  6. I totally agree with your First Degree of Annoyance. I know all about The Secret and projecting future success, but it hasn't worked out that way for me thus far. I'll keep trying though!

  7. Yes late replies can be irritating. By the time the person replies the post is weeks old and it seems irrelevant!

  8. Great and?! awesome post! I cannot stand if I'm clearly charging my cell phone with my charger on the bus & another drivers daughter asks me can I use "your" chargerUmmmmm no?

  9. It takes a lot to annoy me, but when you do expect the wrath of the silent treatment and/or pretending nothings wrong!

  10. I have a lot of things that annoys me and one of the biggest one is clingy people. Whether it's my significant other, my best friends, or my classmates, it instantly annoys me when I feel like they're being too clingy - I mean... why can't you just go to the grocery store yourself?! I got better things to do than be dragged into the store for you to buy water and milk.

  11. Haha, internet connection being slow is the WORST. as are traffic jams. GRRRR.

    Corinne x

  12. Things that are annoying...Hhhmmm...When my bloglovin feed doesn't show me that YOU'RE BACK!
    Glad you came to #SITSSharefest so I know now you're back to blogging. =0)


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