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Secretly, I wanted to be an author, who would write many best-sellers and end up becoming next J.K Rowling. Oh, that's JK (just kidding) now.
In all the career talks, I have been focusing on my major finance plan. This or that , I just have a plain idea that I would end up in Math. Gosh, it always happens. If I become an accountant or similar in next five years, you all can be the witness that MATH HAPPENED TO ME . The innocent Noor DID NOT happen to Math .

I went to my school today, there is still some practical work to do. My annual journal for Physics hasn't been completed yet ( #kill ) so I dragged my morning peace on back and attended school. Well, I couldn't do my project there too but juniors invited us all for tomorrow's Earth day function. How lovely, I didn't even know tomorrow will be Earth Day. Now, let me paint my nails into all blue and attend a mother nature dedicated function for the sake of a good world. Awww :")
I drew this happy dappy world. 
You see, I will do anything for mother nature. To be honest, I will do anything for joy. It's always in little things. Err, says the philosopher in me.

The good ol list of the things that bring JOY to me

1- Funky nail paints . When I said all blue for mother nature, I mean it so darn hard.

2- Smell of earth after rain. It pushes me back to my childhood where we would wander here and there to collect stones and enjoy the season, as it would rain twice or thrice in this region.

3- Easy tests. You can't understand this joy unless you're a student. Some tests I gave deserved a low five but....this is what we can say "life".

4- Mascaras. The most important thing in my makeup box , I would be like a turnip without it. Not even kidding. Talk about Maybelline mascaras to me.

5- Gadgets. Self-explanatory but technology is a thing of joy. ETERNAL joy . How can you doubt the apps fun?

6- Food. Oh I SO love food. Some people live for food and some eat food to live. While I live with food. Okay, I am bragging.

7- Clothes . I am one of those people who complain about their wardrobe a lot, so new bundle of clothes are like a bundle of joyyyyyyy! #shopaholicproblems

If National Geographic sees this post, I am sure I am getting a chance in their next show that might be called "How To Be Easily Happy ; a show with Nur" ( double OO's are too mainstream. Just saying)

What brings you joy?
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  1. TOTALLY agree on the food one. Yumm!

  2. I'm with you on the easy test one. I love it when I take a test knowing that I aced it! :)

    Mascara is definitely a must in the make-up box here too.
    I'm so happy you're back by the way!! c:


  4. I didn't know tomorrow was Earth Day either! Yay! Go Earth! Food always brings me happiness. Yum!

  5. Food brings happiness to me, especially sushi :P
    And I love the smell of rain too; something about it makes me feel like nature is fresh and new again.

  6. Oh I'm with you in that food point, also photographs and illustrations! Have you ever spent 3+ hours looking at the beautiful things human hands can draw? I don't know if it's just me because I'd love to be an illustrator too (important fact huh!) but that definitively bring me joy!


  7. All those are my favorite things too minus the math. I am the worse at it in the world. My whole entire life I had a tutor for math and I am okay with that.

  8. Oh I love the smell of fresh rain...! It's definitely one of my all time favs! Food brings me joy too.. chips and finger foods to be most specific! Alina brings me joy, but that's a given!

  9. I hope math never happens to me! We are not on good terms right now...


  10. Lots of things, I will go with sleep and food as that is what's happening this am. Tis' nap time. :) Hopefully we can make Mother Earth happy before she extinguishes us, as she has done in the past. :P Happy Hump Day Noor! -Iva

  11. Welcome back, good luck with catching up on the blog life :) You missed so many great posts! How were your exams? :D

  12. Food + clothes = joy heh ;] SO WITH YOU on that.

  13. it's always good to focus on what makes you happy!!


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