When It's Stressing And You Know Nothing

When a worst headache attacks , what's the best remedy? Well , nothing . At least I haven't found it yet. Tea , Ponstan , light music and yada yada yada. In other words , I have a bad headache which is going nowhere. And I'm here , waiting for nothing.
When my head is full and heavy , I spill words. In such a good manner. I would go to washroom and tell the mirror what a screwed day it was (is) . I would smell the shampoo and things are going to be better. Let me warn you , it always doesn't work. In that case , I wash my face with loads of soap foam. As being a cautious person to-the-healthy-skin , my daily soap is Dove bar (I assume it Love bar because I seriously love them)
So , I am officially celebrating my stressful day without getting any remedy . I would like to gather an audience and utter shriek useless stuff. Duh , come on. I am sure it's like talking to mirror type of thing.

I haven't checked my planner since morning. I bet there must be a hard task that I am NOT going to achieve anyways. So I'm hanging it off . Happily.
My music player has been played deadly with Taylor Swift songs . From 22 to Back To December , I don't know what's other good tunes left in the world to be played.

I'm getting a SERIOUS interaction with number 22. It's not planted , I swear. My receipt was #22 , I got a card with 22 embossed on it , I have 22 from T.Swift on repeat . 22 , 22 , 22!!!
I went to update Facebook app on my tablet but dude wants to read the SMS/MMS on device. Heck , another good way to stalk people through Facebook? Good work. I updated it anyways.

I was told I look half dead because of no mascara/black pencil . I like the way it sounds. Half dead , at least it means I am still half alive. Hah , just kidding. it's the worse. I better put on some make up.

IDK has become my lifesaver. Pressing three words is better than giving lame explanations . I will go with it for the rest of my life , starting from now.

I've been playing Flappy Birds crazily from last two days. Though I had said I would never play it. I'm so proud of my scores , though.

I wish I had pizza leftovers in fridge right now. But when I'm the one who never let the leftovers be in fridge , i can't blame anyone.
I estimated that I use Twitter more than any other app. 
I told myself Physics isn't bad at all . I'll manage . Now , Physics is winking at me because I haven't managed it. I hate you , Newton. And that's for record.
Talking of game addiction , I may or may not have a new crazy game added to my list. It's Diner Dash.

Phew , I am better. I really am . Now I would need to eat a bar of chocolate to turn things even fine. Linking up with Bella & Nicole.
Folks , what do you do when you're stressed? Or with a bad headache? 

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  1. I have the firm belief that Taylor Swift can heal all wounds (even headaches).

  2. Lovely post! :)

    xoxo ♥

  3. Oh dear, I hope you are feeling better. I eat chocolate when I'm stressed and shout at everyone when I have headache or lock myself in a dark room with pin drop silence. I had one yesterday. If it gets real bad I have to take a tablet otherwise I feel like chopping it off.

  4. Headaches are rough, man. Hope you feel better! When I'm stressed, I yoga it out or just go to sleep and hope things magically fixed themselves when I wake up. :P

  5. I play flappy birds, but that just manages to get me even more stressed because I can't get past 7!


  6. I have been totally craving chocolate lately. I always put my chocolate in the fridge so I can eat it cold. It's so good that way!!
    Poor Noor has a headache! I hope by now, it's gone. Mind you- it's 4 am where you live.. so I am betting you are sleeping it off as we speak....!

  7. Sounds like you have some good remedies! Hope you're feeling better and less stressed:)

  8. I played Flappy Birds for like five minutes and deleted it. I think my high score was 2 or 3. Hahaha!

  9. Headaches are the worst, I find napping or listening to soft music helps, I kind of like Taylor Swift songs, but not enough to cure my bad days!

  10. 22 by Taylor Swift is going to be my JAM next month... Cause I'll be turning 22! Eeeeeeek ;)

    Headaches are a biatch that can be cured by sleep and dark rooms!

    Amanda @ www.niesciorsnotes.com

  11. Oh I hate headaches! They're the worst! I play any kind of music when I have a headache! Hope ya feel better!

  12. I play taylor on repeat too! classic!

  13. I'm so glad I stumbled on your blog.....it's like you're speaking my language :)

  14. Woot! Noor you done a better score on flappy bird then me! My highest is 10 so not far off!


  15. oh dear Noor, sad to hear you were so stressed. I find coffee works well for my headaches. I had one from like midday today and when I drank some this evening, it finally went away! Funny enough I'm 22! another 20 right at ya haha. Physics isn't too bad, hopefully you can get some help with it. I remember those days, so glad they're over! You have to try with it.


  16. Let's not even talk about stress. Normally I just withdraw from everyone and everything. Its not the healthiest but it has worked in the past. Like you mentioned pizza always works and icecream.

  17. A hot shower and sleep. I power through the day until I get home and I go to bed early. Feel better!

  18. Haha, maybe at 22 you'll get the most out of life. c:
    I love Taylor Swift too.
    Happy valentines day Noor!


  19. Ha I hate that game Flappy Bird - it's stupid and poorly designed, I can't believe the creator made millions off of it. For shame! Hope you have a great Valentine's Day today love, celebrate love! Happy Friday Noor -Iva

  20. Funny that Taylor Swift popped up on your blog today...my husband told me that's one of his celebrity crushes. I had no idea my almost 32 year old husband likes Taylor Swift and her music. ;)

  21. I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22! I LOVE her red album. 22 definitely is the track that wakes me up every morning.
    I tried flappy bird. I gave up with my high score of 2. hehe

    Anna Czarina


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