Wedding Date Event in Pakistani Style

My hectic weekend finally got to an end.  My aunt's wedding date party happened as awesomely as expected. I was in serious dos-and-donts for my outfit because when it's about a grand family party , who doesn't want to look great? I certainly CAN'T compromise on it.
I went for pop colours , teal and pink with wild print bottom and a statement necklace. My obsession with statement necklaces hasn't gone anywhere. Nor I seem to let it go.

Ta-da !
Well , the party started in total Pakistani style. Once both families discussed the wedding date and decided, it was the time to celebrate. The date fixed for wedding is 16th of August , 2014 , which is also the birthday of me and Areeba . Wonderful , I will turn 17 on my lovely aunt's wedding. So , we are going to have two parties every year .
The celebration is quite like sitting with bride and give her some sweetmeat to eat or money ,  you can even put some ubtan on her face or apply Henna on her hands. Hah , I love this part.

This picture is a little preview of how table was full of bridal stuff. It's her in-law mother applying henna. She started the celebration by giving her this red dupatta ( also means, a big red spread for bride)
Full shot of table!

It's the full look of table. Sweetmeat in heart shape , some bangles , flowers jewellery and other stuff.

While it's me , giving her some sweetmeat . I guess she was already so full . 

Now I realized why people think she and I are so alike. Not so wrong!
My make up ended up looking like a mermaid. I had no intention to be inspired by Ariel or something but when my outfit had vibrant colours , I kept it light. Or maybe , this picture was taken like that. I only took 20 minutes to have it done , am I pro yet?
This pretty basket came with loads of flowers , I wanted to wear them all.  Ahhhh!

Throughout , it was emotional/fun/crazy fun. A wedding which is being planned in front of me , completely! I have been learning more about family traditions and customs , and have fallen in love with it. Now , I have been planning dresses and other things because I am already excited. I am quite close with Aunt H so you can imagine how it feels when she's getting married. EMOTIONAL while being TYPICAL! I am her niece and that's my right.

Hectic! in blogland, I had so much fun Bloglantine Day with you all . Every post was amazing , me and Areeba are enjoying reading them . 

Have you ever been to any Pakistani event? How are your own wedding traditions?
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My talented and creative sponsor , Lauren from Hello Lovely is sharing some more things with me on blog today. She's a small biz owner and also runs a lovely blog. I can totally see why her blog name includes "lovely" . It SO is.

1-Why did you start your blog? 
I wanted a place to document the cool projects I was making and connect with other bloggers who were into decorating, celebrating and creating like me!

2- You've a pretty (and a LOT cute) business Hello Lovely , how did you get into it? 
Once I stumbled upon designer modern fabrics I wondered "why isn't anyone using these?!" I hadn't seen fabrics that fresh anywhere. I taught myself how to sew and by far my favorite creations were zipper pouches. So I practiced and practiced and finally started selling them on Etsy once I perfected my style! Fabric inspires me for sure!

3- Describe yourself in three words. 
Presentation Is Everything

4- If you could change something in world , what would it be? 
I wish people would break out of their creative comfort zones. For example, decorating their home- too often you see brown everywhere from people who don't even wear brown… so why decorate your whole house in it? Color is liberating and paint isn't permanent, so go for it!. "Safe" is overrated! My motto is buy what you love and figure it out later!


  1. I love the vibrant colors in your pictures. You will certainly have A LOT of celebrating to do on August 16th!

  2. Hey! Weddings are so much fun! Especially when they are family weddings!! From now till August you'll be making, and un-making, decisions, and its always an experience :) have fun! X

  3. A Pakistani wedding sounds like so much fun! And it's so special when it's someone you're very close to, and you get to be a part of the wedding!

  4. I love all of the colors! You look so pretty Noor! Weddings are so much fun, celebrating love is such a wonderful thing! Happy Monday!

  5. You look great Noor!!! Those pictures are so coloroful!

  6. So you do all kinds of fun stuff now way before the wedding!? How cool is that!? Now, I must ask; how many aunties and uncles do you have!? It seems like a bunch..! You looked very pretty Noor and your makeup did look mermaid-like!

  7. That looks like a fun party, and I love everyone's fancy outfits. So pretty and colorful!

  8. Awesome Q&A Noor! Thank you for the sweet shout out! :)

  9. So... I saw the pic of you with your aunt before I read your paragraph below it, and I suddenly wanted to ask "How old is your aunt, how come you guys look alike?!" Back home we also have this wedding date ceremony, although not extravagant like this. Basically someone will calculate the bride and groom's birth date and a couple of other things to decided on the wedding date to ensure they will have happy marriage life.
    I think it's cool that your aunt's wedding going to take place on your birthday!

    1. One more thing, I just realized that you guys were born closely to my sister! Same year, same month, but she was born on the 11th.

  10. Looks like a super fun time!! Your outfit was similar to my wedding colors :-)

  11. You look beautiful Noori- I agree with the mermaid make-up comment. I'd be full too with everyone feeding me sweets!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  12. I see a lot of the comments mention the colors. I was going to say the same thing. I bet it was beautiful to be there in person!!

  13. You're beautiful. love the photos. Would you like to follow each other? Please let me know if you're interested. Latest post on my blog is A Cultural Tango

    Louisa Moje

  14. Hi Noor, i agree with people comments on here - you really do look very pretty and so happy as well. <3 Those are beautiful and colourful pictures. My husband 2 years ago photograph a hindu wedding with was something truly special <3.


  15. I've actually been to a Pakistani wedding before! A classmate of my best friend is Pakistani and she got married last summer and so I went with Jess. It was so colourful, and there was so much food! I loved it!

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  18. You are SO GORGEOUS! And this looks so fun, I want to go to a wedding like this. And your birthday is my half birthday!


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