'Twas A Royal Time

I had a partying session that had been going on , just got to an end. I had no school , no chore at that moment because I was resting at my uncle's house . That's the best part. On weekend , we had a royal party blast . I'm not even bragging , it was royal . If you've been following me via Instagram , you probably know it. Unless , I'm going to share a recap.
I showed the shoes in last post and I had been thinking hard to put together a good outfit. Blimey , I don't get fashion. After a few attempts , I achieved something cool . Then the shoes didn't match the outfit , so I changed them . You see , this is fashion (if you're studying in a fashion school , send a joining letter my way. Unless , I will keep writing lines like that)
All of the "good" photos are resting in my camera , while I was writing this post from the last room of the house , sigh. It has the fastest connection of webz over here , that keeps me a selfish kid for NOT leaving this room. Anyways , I was on party topic. Let's continue.
So , when shoes literally went off my outfit , I took another (stylish) pair of high heels . With a hand full of arm candy (aka my favourite Citizen watch and the rest) 
Once the royal party started , I went into rush to meet the Royal princesses , aka Belle and Cinderella. 

The chicas are my most adorable sisters . The one who's Cinderella is a REAL life princess. Even in casual dressing , she puts on a tiara . I love them , actually the party was thrown for the princess' late birthday party.

It was so fun , in fact I had been wanting a party before my exams would get me. Gah , life is a little hard sometimes. Like I have a blank mind right now , happy moments are here and I'm enjoying them . Who knows if there are hard time ahead? ENJOY the moment , enjoy!!!
Well , the ultimate happiness came at mid-night , my real love , PIZZA.
Just because we're a completely foodie family, the next day we had to eat some more exotic dishes. I had been wanting to try some new flavours , so the restaurant chosen for that "taste" was Kaybees. It's one of the popular (and old) restaurants in Karachi. So if you're ever wanting to try some yumz in Karachi , I'd surely want to take you there.
Currently , I'm SO loving Shashlik with Chinese rice. So there was surely a try full of it , and I was eating non-stop (yes , it's so true. I couldn't be sophisticated with THAT)
Ever since , I have been enjoying every bit of my week . Because coming days are quite like storms , filled with loads of work . So live while we're young free.
Ehm , in that stuff , I totally left myself unplugged . So Grab A Friend blog hop couldn't be up . Apologizes , it would be back next week , hopefully! :)
How was your week , folks? 
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  1. That looks like a wonderful party! Pizzas and princesses!

    xx, Cathy

  2. I BADLY miss that time and those cuties !!!

  3. Great now you've made me hungry for some Kaybee!! I'm a food junkie too - I prefer good food over anything else haha. Glad you guys had fun at the partay - Happy Hump Day Noor! -Iva

  4. They are so cute! I love their dresses! Looks like a great party!

  5. Where is your princess costume? Haha, j/k. I like your necklace!

  6. Oh yeah .. that pizza had me drooling when I saw it on Instagram.. It's still haunting me, days and days later! Now I must have pizza Noor!
    I love the little princesses. How sweet are they!? I loved Cinderella's hair. I heard from Aree that your aunt actually did it herself. Talented Aunt! :)

  7. Can I have a party for a week with pizza and no school or chores!?! :)

  8. I want a week long party! Last week was horrible for me- 8 tests! But this week isn't too bad, lots of blogging/family time!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  9. the pizza looks amazing and those little princesses are so cute!
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  10. Woop Woop! Thanks for the shout out! I love that necklace you're wearing too!

  11. Noor my Instagram has a new/different address that I forgot to tell you about! It's Lauren__Ashby now (two underscores in between) Eek! Sorry I forgot to update you on it!

  12. Oh here goes that pizza again!!!!!

  13. pizza's right up there on my love list, too!!!! haha. BEST EVER. have you ever tried making your own pizzas? your sisters are tooooo cute!

  14. Omg I loved being a constant princess when I was little too! Tiaras work wonders. And pizza is the actual best of all culinary delicacies.


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