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Here we meet again , Saturday. I woke up with a good news to be at a party to happen but shucks , it got delayed till tomorrow. So until then , I have been putting together a great outfit , the progress is going great because I am ALL consisting on glam heels and that's all . I hope I would manage the rest of the outfit #tsktsk
I wanted to share something that's been happening. Actually , happening with all excitement.
This chat was to happen for the first time , the topic was Have you ever felt lost/discouraged/uninspired to blog?
It started at 6pm UK time , while 12 PM noon CST and 1 pm noon EST and 11 pm night in Karachi . When it's about bloggy things , I get over excited . And even more excited , I had Corinne as we both were the hosts (and will be) .
So there were some awesome responses!!
I figured out that at some points , we're ALL blind by the success of others. Instead of looking at the first point of our own blogs , a little bit of competitions comes up from somewhere . Which I take pretty natural . Like : when you're in a big office and there are a few executive seats . So you indeed would work hard and harder to get that seat . Wouldn't you? It's just the same around here. 
Then the second question was :
When we have a trouble (in life , in blogging , in EVERYWHERE) , discussing it really helps getting through it , so the 2nd question completed a serial complication.
While we were there , something came up that left us all SO excited and happier than we could be. THIS TWEET : 
#socialbloggers was trending in UK . Yay
There were a lot of awesome bloggers , giving honest advice to others and knowing each other . I couldn't be more happy , it all happened because of each and everyone's support. I want to say a massive thank to you all who made it happen (I even got tears but hey , happy stuff should remain happy )
I can't believe how well #socialbloggers went on its first night! Thanks @NoorsLense and @bloggerforums! Can't wait for next week! xx
There were a lot happening around but I couldn't document it all here . Join us next Saturday . If there's any trouble for timings , shoot me an email or tweet.
Hope you're having a great weekend , stay pretty and eat Cheetos . Even if you don't like cheetos , go for some other snacks . Weekends are meant to be fun . Whoop!!!!

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  1. Wished I could have been a part of this! Can't wait until next week! I have found so many new blogs to read and follow!


  2. I knew that this was going on, but I was away from home at the time and couldn't join in!! :( Maybe next time!

  3. Yay! I can't wait until next week. I'm glad this went well for us, and to think, it all started with you messaging me asking if I know of any Saturday chats, and my replying jokingly by saying 'let's start our own' ;)

    Corinne x

  4. I hope next week tablet won't be jerking with me so I can include myself in your chat!

  5. Congrats, hopefully I can participate next week :)

  6. Sorry I missed it!!! I was out running errands with my husband :)

  7. cute shoes.
    xx, Michelle

  8. I missed it too! Sorry, Noor.. You are twelve hours ahead of me, so it was going on at 11 in the afternoon. Maybe next week I'll be able to tweet something your way! Congrats on how successful it was. How cool that is was trending!?!?!

  9. I wasn't following you on GFC - WTF? I corrected the mistake now!

    I'm still very happy about how well this went!

  10. Im so glad this was my first Twitter chat. The girls were so helpful and friendly :)

  11. I have never done a Twitter chat before! This one seemed like it was a success. If I don't work next Saturday at that time, I will try to join in. :)

  12. I really love #socialbloggers chat! Even though I was there for about 15 minutes I read a lot of really great blogs from it :) Thanks for hosting this great chat noor!

    Anna Czarina

  13. I watched some of the chat but was unable to participate. Hopefully I can remember next week!

  14. Haha, it's so funny you mentioned you cheetos--we started calling our goldendoodle "cheeto" because the way her hair has grown around her face makes her look like the cheeto guy (except my husband won't let me call her that, because he says she doesn't like it).

  15. I love your blog

  16. Congrats love!! Happy to hear!! :) Loving those shoes too- I want pictures of the outfit - Happy Happy Day Noor! -Iva

  17. Hi! I'm visiting from the weekly Grab a Friend blog hop from You're In Brookelynn! Added you on Bloglovin & Twitter. If I could invent anything right now, it would be a central heating system for my body, something that is powered by my phone or something, because I'm wearing my whole wardrobe and I'm still cold! The sun was shining through the window in the hallway upstairs this morning so I guess I got used to the warmth... :-p

    I love your blog! You have a great writing voice!

    Feel free to browse my blog a bit, I hope you like it!

  18. Ooo, please tell me how you were able to embed the tweets into your blog post with workable buttons and links. Thank you so much! Renae

  19. Wait wait wait how come I missed this? Dang, should check my Twitter timeline next Saturday... I forgot about it!

  20. Omg I'll have to do this next time!

  21. That's such a huge accomplishment Noor, congratulations! It's amazing how much you helped others also. You deserve a sticker, the scratch n sniff kind. Hello kitty. ;P


    P.S. I just might have to join in next week. c:

  22. Looks like a fab chat! Lots of encouragement and tips to curve the parts of blogging that can be discouraging. I'd love to join in on a weekend where we're free!

  23. oh wow.. i'm a little bummed that i missed out on the chat. lol! although, i do agree with a lot of the feedback that was given. like, using other people's success as a motivation & redesigning my blog to make me fall all over in like with my blog again :D

    too awesome!!! please continue with the twitter chats.


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