I Can be Annoying

It is never a pleasant experience to have a flu attack back , with a boost. This is my story , I woke up in the morning with my noisy alarm but couldn't step out of bad because it was so darn hard to drag my body. Hi , flu! I managed to go to school anyways , there I almost lost my voice . Have you ever experienced how worse losing voice is? You try hard to speak and it turns into squeak . My case.

Everything has been annoying for me and I have been (quite) annoying for everything. Maybe it's because I have lost my taste buds for a while now and the only thing that taste better is my toothpaste. That I might not eat (or I might , just depends upon the brushing skills of mine)

I could count stuff on my finger that might be annoying for others on my behalf. I am slightly NOT proud of it but certainly , I wouldn't make an effort to change it either. My mom calls it as a "Rotten Kid Term"

I'd crop anyone out of my picture if I look better in that one

This one maybe a recent and blurry one , I get that. But I would never ever leave a picture of two of us without cropping if I look rather pretty. It's not always the case though. I like being overprotective.

I would take pictures that mom doesn't appreciate
Once , I wanted to be a photographer. That one who has a big fancy camera and works of vogue or something. My own house would be a piece of art and yada yada yada. Honestly , it never turned out that way. You may be cautious of public while taking selfies or food shots but I am cautious of mom. She doesn't get my lame excuse for capturing a street light on a very street. I keep doing anyways.

If you're hanging out with me , I will control the music
I have a very picky choice in music. I can't stand a sad , crying type of song in a party. It does make sense as you can't rather throwing confetti under a crying song? I would be unconscious if that happens. My parties are always so loud , with crazy music. 

You may not find it all annoying , exactly. But I do . Annoyance is seriously various for everyone. Duh!

Do you have some annoying quirks?

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I've a very special blogger to introduce on blog today , it's Megan from The Artistic Brunette . Her blog is all about empowering other young peeps. She's a college senior and travel enthusiastic. You should check her out.
1- If you could describe your life in a paragraph , how would it be?
Hello, it’s Megan over at The Artistic Brunette.  I am a 20-Something exploring the world one step at a time.  I love all things beautiful, musical and classy. These days you can find me in one of those snazzy little coffee shops reading your blogs, listening to my favorite indie music, planning out my next adventure and of course doing homework – life of a college student.  Visit The Artistic Brunette to learn more about amazing places to get a bite to eat, countries and places to explore, my latest life endeavors and tips on navigating a career as a 20Something.  I would love to have you over.  Come join the music!

2- If you could hang out with any celebrity , who would he/she be?
I would have to go for Buster Posey.  Yes, he is a pitcher on the Giants baseball team. Super hot with a Southern accent.

3- What's the most important thing you learned from blogging?
Blogging is work!  But I like it. It gives us a chance to be creative, express ourselves and meet new people.

4- A tip you might want to give to bloggers?
A tip.  Take the opportunity.  Opportunities present themselves to us everyday.  We just have to have the courage to pursue them!

Posts to read from Megan :
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Turn Your Passion Into a Profession

Find her on : Blog / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter


  1. Sorry to hear you were sick. Hope you're better now! As for annoying quirks I have a few! One is being are rather hyperactive person, I can't stay put for very long and get really impatient and agitated when I have to!
    Take care

  2. hahaha Noor, I love this post. I would crop someone out of my photo if I looked better in it too!

  3. I hate it when children drag their bags. I do not like the holes and stuff falling all around.

  4. Bleh, sucks that you had the flu. I totally am with you on this, though... I have many quirks including refusing to drive if there is an able-bodied person around who can do it for me. :P

  5. I hope you are better! About the quirks, I used to have more when I was younger. Now, few things annoy me :)

    Jasmine xx
    For a Real Woman
    So easy Spanish!

  6. Several. I laugh loudly and am quick to point our if you're annoying me or being stupid in a very direct manner. They call me rude at work but in a loving sorta way, lOL. I'm like the bratty baby sister at work so people have learned to appreciate my attitude. There's a lot of that in this body. :) Glad you're feeling better love! -Iva

  7. i am annoying in most ways! I hated the way my mom tells me to do stuffs that I ended up not doing it anyway. it just annoys me so much! Sometimes I'm so loud at home that i won't shut up asking you pointless questions over and over again. haha. I find it fun! Sometimes I ask dumb questions just to annoy people lol

  8. sucks you have the flu and everyone does something annoying i'm sure and if we all sat back and thought about it. we wouldn't want to be around ourselves.

    It would rock my socks off if you'd join the blog challenge. should be fun. Opened now so come join. http://hotpinkowl02.blogspot.com/2014/02/blog-challenge.html

  9. Oh my, I hope you are not sick again, Noor! Hope you're feeling better today! --Haha, I would crop people out of pictures too, now you mentioned it, oh dear, yes, it might be annoying to some people, I never thought of it that way, haha. Oops, because I personally never find it annoying, and I think I understand that overprotective thing one.


  10. It seems like you and my Rob are in the same boat! He had that flu a couple of weeks ago and now him and Alina both have ugly colds. I'm pretty sure you said you and Aree were sick not so long ago! Enough already! :)

  11. I definitely control the music too!!
    Annnnoying! haha Hope you're better now xx

  12. I hope you feel better Noor! The flu is a nasty little bug!!


  13. I feel sorry for anyone driving with me because I'm so picky with music too! My phone bluetooths my itunes library to my car and I just skip about 20 times until I find something I want to listen to! I also like bands that aren't very well known, or known in the UK so nobody even knows the songs I'm playing!

    Corinne x


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