How Do You Spell Excitement?

It's a little loud around house today. My aunt's to-be-in-law family is coming tomorrow (exciting!!!) and maybe , we'll get a date for her future wedding.
First off , it's SUPER exciting because it would be my first wedding as a "grown up kid of the family" . Ya know , it really felt super awkward in all those weddings where us kids had no right at all .
Secondly , Aunt H is one of my beloved aunt. I have been pretty close to her and if you ask around , everyone would relate our features. Time to spot on.

Reasons I am way too excited is that :
1-  As for The bridesmaid or First Ladies type of thing. Now , it would be me and Areeba on front side. Whoomp! Because it's for girls and we're the girls for this responsibility. I have been waiting for this responsibility WHOLE my life.

2- Shopping independence. I have already planned buying a tons of suits for each event. As for extravagent Pakistani weddings , I will break the record. I have listed the designers for dresses , shoes and for everything. You only shop once (and if it's done wisely , go make a mess and get another reason to shop)

3- SPOTLIGHT . Probably , I am being mean but I want this spotlight. The last wedding in my family , like close family was near 6 years ago . I was 10 and couldn't make it big. Now when I flip through albums and see all those perfect portraits , I feel jealous. Oh yes ! Now it would be me . Hah , time never remains same (insert a bunch of`evil laugh here)

Though families haven't even picked a date (hint : Maybe August , 16th August when I turn 17 or September) but my plans are already made. Chica needed a boost for hoppiness happiness. Wish me luck , it will be a BIG event.

As it's already 14 February (see also : stale topic) , what am I excited for? PIZZA PARTY!!!!!!!!!!! count the exclamatory points = the measurement of excitement
This is a pretty pizza. And it's mine. ALL mine. With a few litres of Pepsi and Mirinda.

I'm off to select my outfit for tomorrow. While everyone's getting ready for a night walk. Sorry guys , I won't be doing any type of exercise , I am doing fashion. Which is a good exercise itself.
Folks , how's everyones day going on? Excited for something?

PS: Join me & Areeba for Bloglantine day link up tomorrow on 15th February. Because us bloggers are coolest and this day is being celebrated for our love for blogging. Whoop whoop!
Also , #socialbloggers Twitter chat will also happen tomorrow , as always (aka as every Saturday)
Bloglantine Day

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  1. Great pizza! :D thanks for the comment, Yes the alarm is what i always forget!

  2. I'm excited that today is Friday, which means there is no work tomorrow (insert happy dance).

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  4. Sorry! I'm excited to have 3, count em "3" whole days off!! Woohoo!!

  5. awwwwww! weddings are always so much fun! I'm sure u're stocked about it!
    You have such a beautiful blog here and I appreciate the effort you put into your posts. I surely will be coming regularly from now on. Keep such wonderful posts coming. xx
    Also I have an International Giveaway going on my blog where you could win accessories worth $25. It would be great if you could lend your support and enter it :)

  6. I am so excited for you! I love weddings so I completely understand your excitement!

  7. I hope that you are able to find the perfect outfit. Enjoy your pizza!! (But I probably don't need to tell you that, haha.)

  8. YAY sounds so fun! That's so exciting that you get to be a bridesmade! I'm excited that I have 9 days off from school!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  9. you and areeba are sisters right? or am i confused and just think you two look alot like twins. LOL

    hope you have a great time. weddings can be so fun. and those are gorgeous flowers. I"ve never been a bridesmaid before. got asked once but that never happened. sucked too b/c i was gonna walk with this really hot guy LOL


  10. I saw some of your pics on Inta, sooo beautiful! You have to tell me how many outfits you buy!! This is my dream!

  11. How fun! I'm excited for your aunt's wedding. I bet you will be so beautiful in all the pics. ;)

  12. Hahaha glad you finally get to shine in the spotlight as you deserve! ;]

    Marla @ A Weekend Crossing

  13. I love hearing about things like this. It's obviously going to be quite a big honour to be there. At least with your weddings, they really mean something and you can celebrate them as such! I love those pretty pink flowers you have in the basket!

    You know what, behind the pizza where the little bit of white packaging is (on the left) I thought that was the radiator for a second (my eyes had a weird moment), and that you had propped the pizza up against the wall. I was like my god that's a big pizza! :)) No wonder she's excited!

    ..And, I just realised that this was a really old blog post but I was jumping through BlogLovin, so I just clicked on it and here we are!



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