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Saturday means a good day. It really needs to be listed as a good day. Maybe because I think so , and I'm sure I'm not alone. Let Satz be called a good day! #goodday
Right after I got off my bed , I had few notes to finish , find myself a junkie breakfast (that I will take pretty good instead of junkie) and plan something. Plans , oh plans. Sadly , my junkie breakfast couldn't proceed and mom got me a healthy meal. Moms are so good , maybe good as heaven's angels . But giving me a healthy breakfast ... it breaks my heart. Weekends are really for junk food. Ummm!
If you're a healthy-food-lover , I might ask for a pardon. I only go out of this zone on weekends , all right. Unless , my advice is the coolest.

Speaking of advice , there was a topic that had been floating in my mind , to write and publish on my blog , the best advice.
I take every advice pretty seriously. Even when a 6 years old told me to add two tissues (always) on my cone , I did . And I always do now. This is what a good advice taker do.
The best advice I was given (very randomly) was :
#1 : Do , everything that you like. But make sure it doesn't hurt anyone , especially those who loves YOU.
Well , it was a serious and dramatically honest. If any act from me hurts someone is literally wrong. And wrongest if they're people from my own life. Tsk tsk.

#2 : Nobody's is favourited but his work is.
In short , if you work , you'll be loved. Unless , a useless person worth nothing. This is one of those advices which have changed me A LOT. There is nothing wrong when you CAN do something but you don't . Don't worry , if you've been resting on couch and eating lays , it doesn't count in. It is just about another thing , that people with 2+ IQ level would get (am I on +2 or on -1?)

#3 : Whatever you do , just keep in mind that karma comes back around. FOR REAL!
AKA do good have good. I have experienced it so this is my favourite advice to give. It's like when you throw a stone at someone , you'll get hit by a brick from somewhere else. Simply honest. So I am always a little cautious doing everything , because there is one thing which is obvious . And that's K-A-R-M-A!

Another but silly one , don't go to McDonald's after midnight. You'll end up eating 2x than normal which is seriously worse. I did and three of those apple pies were nothing but a meal trouble. Just don't go.
and a post should end with an insta selfie , right?

What's the best advice you've ever received?
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  1. Best piece of advice I was ever given was from my Mum. From an early age she told me that not everyone can be good at everything but you should always give it your best shot.
    This works in every part of life
    Kate xx

  2. Once you become a mom Saturday's don't really hold as much excitement except that most times my husband is home all day and can help me with little miss. So enjoy your saturdays as much as possible :)

  3. These are some great bits of advice. And your mom sounds super sweet!

  4. I don't know which is better? Fridays at quitting time or Saturdays! They both are awesome! And I'd have to like karma! Maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon! Lol...

  5. The best piece of advice I've ever heard is to stop worrying about what everyone was doing, which is why Im taking a year off of school and trying to move to Seattle (my dream city)!

  6. I'm a firm believer in karma! It will get you, if you aren't nice! Plus I like to think that bad, nasty people will get their own form of karma in the end. It's a biiiiiiig reason why I am nice most of the time! :)

  7. Bahahahah avoid McDonalds after midnight...THE BEST OF ALL ADVICE! But really though, I loved this. Especially doing what you love as long as it doesn't hurt others...so true<3

  8. Oh love this! I definitely believe in karma, what goes around comes around!
    And omg I'm so with you on the don't go to McDs after midnight, it's so true!!!
    Your hair is lovely xx

  9. I laughed at your advice to not eat McD's past 12am. I live just one block away from a 24hrs McD's and ugh, I feel so disgusted by eating at a ridiculous time and then heading to bed asap. It makes me cringe just thinking that I've done that numerous times already.

  10. Oh God, the Karma is for REAL! Good to remember it!

  11. Your sponsors are all so good looking! :D

  12. I'm so about karma is scares me. If I do something I know is wrong I usually think about it so much that its scary. I actually have the best karma story I should tell on my blog. It is true karma.


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