Who Called Me That?

I've a seriously weird quirk . If I meet someone who has a good name , I would ALWAYS ask them what does it mean . In other case , I'm obsessed with names , it should make sense.
My birth name wasn't Noor , it was something started with "E" (that I now think , is EVEN stylish) . Probably my stylish-ness wasn't really going on with that E so my parents rushed to change it . If you believe in astronomy and stuff like that , you probably know that name effect one's personality . Plus E name didn't suit me and I was a baby who would be sick all the time , so my waaaaanderful family decided to change it. Boom boom , my name's train was on a reverse track , everybody wanted to name me . How popular I was as a 2 month oldie.
Before that , me and my twin sister aka Areeba were named Baby A and Baby B . Areeba's older one by 10 minutes so she was the Baby A (and even got a name with A afterwards) and me being younger , got the Baby B title . Well , I am glad that system didn't work like school examination marking system .

So , in that astronomy game , they picked N for me . Believe me , I think N letter has some really worst names but I ended up with a nicer one , Noor Un Nahar . Which means day light . While only Noor means light.
So Baby B upgraded to E , then crawled towards N , where it ended up on N-U-N ! I will always be proud that I have a monogrammed-suitable name . Shucks , I need to have a monogram soon.

So after a big ol' sweet sixteen , I've got a few nicknames . People close to me call me Noori , I love the way it sounds . Areeba calls me Nu-Nu , that's an occassional one though . Even in blogland , Haley called me Boots, that's because of her auto-correct .

I would love to tell anyone who would ask what does my name mean , but I've had some worst cases too!
The last part of my name , which is Nahar . Rhymes with Nihar which means Camel in some language (ps : I still haven't figured out in which one I am being called a.....camel?) The long story short , my school ID card got a misspelling and made it Nihar instead of Nahar . A lady visitor asked me if that really meant Camel with my name . I WAS NEAR TEARS! I just rushed to school office to have it corrected . Sigh.

So this is my not-so-usual name story . I think a four-alphabet name is really cute but I secretly want that E name , in my wildest dreams .
What's your name story?


I have the loveliest Karly Kim on blog today . She's hilarious and reading her adventures would make you wanna join her ASAP . I love her and surely you would, TOO!
Hi, I'm Karly & this is my dog Hufflepuff.  We blog over at Karly Kim.  I do most of the writing, but he helps with visuals.  I hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit about me.  I broke the information down into categories and kept it short because who wants to read a novel?  And more importantly, I don't have the brain power to write one. 

Five things I have a passion for

1.  Mouthwash - I truly believe the world would be a better place if everyone used it.
2.  Underground rap battles
3.  High heels
4.  The person who invented eyeliner
5.   Laughter

Five things I'd like to do before I die
1.  Invent a new candy
2.  Learn how to play the piano
3.  Have a butler.  Preferably Geoffrey from Fresh Prince if he's available.
4.  Hoard pets
5.  Leave the world a happier place.

Five reads I love
1.  Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn 
2.  A Million Little Pieces by James Frey
3.  Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella 
4.  Bossypants by Tina Fey  
5.  My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler

Five favorite movies
1.  Life is Beautiful
2.  Mean Girls
3.  The Notebook
4.  Bad Boys 2
5.  Grease

Five places I'd want to travel to
1.  Des Moines, Iowa - because why not?
2.  Phuket, Thailand
3.  The Maldives
4.  Curichiba, Brazil
5.  New Jersey 

Five things you'll learn from my blog
1.  What to do after you meet Hugh Hefner
2.  How to get cast on The Bachelor
3.  What to do when everyone thinks you're crazy
4.  The Rules of Feminism
5.  How to spend money on things you don't need


  1. I don't really have any stories behind my name. Just a regular not interesting name. Can't believe they got your student id wrong. Usually they double check things like that.

  2. I don't have story either, my parents had another name but it wasn't allowed!

  3. May I know what's your birth name? In my culture we also have that tradition of changing baby's name when he/she gets sick often as a baby. LOL about the misspelled name. School does that sometimes, and my sister's name was misspelled one time and we keep teasing her until now tehehehe *mean I know, but it's my sister so it's fine :p
    Story about my name... My first name (Hanissa) is a combination of my parents' name and an-nisa (you know, girl). My Dad said 'Zianida' was inspired by this Afghan girl who lost her parents... Not sure what my parents were hoping for from my name hahaha.

  4. Oooh suspense.. what is the E name? Do you remember it!? Alina's name means LIGHT too! And I have a really cool story to go with it. But I'm saving it for a blog post one day...! (I just bookmarked this post so that I can link my future post with this one to show that your name means light too..!) Noori is a really cute nickname. I love that. I love the nickname Aree. It's so simple and pretty, same with Noor.
    My name if I was a boy was going to be Samuel Read Mackenzie. (THREE NAMES.) Luckily I wasn't a boy because when my parents were divorced I had two last names! SO I would have had FIVE names. Yikes, too damn many.
    My mom thought about naming me Lara, which sounds pretty.. I feel like Ashley was another name she was considering, but don't hold me to that one.. I can't remember. Luckily, my mom named my sister Kyli and my brother Lincoln. So it was my dad's turn to name the third and last baby. He named me Haley after Hayley Mills- a crush he had on an actress growing up AND later he also said he named me after Halley's Comet. I love name stories. I'm inspired to write a post about my name and Alina's!

  5. Fun! I used to hate that my name was so uncommon. But now I love it - especially since there's a good story behind it. My parents thought I was going to be a boy so when I was a girl they didn't have a name. They decided to combine their middle names (Lee and Ann) to create Leeann :)

    Thanks for linking up for MMG!

  6. You are so so pretty! And I LOVE your name, and Nu-Nu is an adorable nickname :] My parents didn't have a name for me until a few days after I was born, but I've always been Marla...they never changed it haha. That's a really cute story about your name though, how you didn't match your original name so they changed it. So presh :]

  7. I've never heard of parents changing a first name before! I'm glad you like the name you ended up with :) and that camel story had me giggling in the break room at work, oops!

  8. I've never heard of parents changing a first name before! I'm glad you like the name you ended up with :) and that camel story had me giggling in the break room at work, oops!

  9. That's beautiful how your parents decided to name you. c: Beautiful meaning too.
    My birth name is "Micaela" which means "who is like God". Hehe. >:D
    I'd much rather have a pretty meaning. -_-

    Harlynn (Micaela)

  10. Short Story...I hate my American name!

    xoxo, K.Lee
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    Go there for more details.

  11. You look so beautiful in the photo Noor :) I love your outfit! My name means "Gift from God" and it is from the Russian male name 'Ivan' - so there, my Dominican mother felt a Russian name was suitable. I love my name though. Russian first name and Italian last name. Boom! Have a great one Noor! -Iva

  12. I love the meaning of your name! I wish my name means anything of significance. My name was from some tv show character that my mum used to watched when she was a kid. I'm thinking some 'Little House on the Prairie'-like, but apparently she doesn't remember what it was too. I'm sure she put much thoughts on it though, oh well, haha.


  13. Love the meaning of your name... so cool!!!!!
    I think my mom named me after a girlfriend's daughter but I'm not sure to be honest! haha

  14. interesting story about your name - so cool. also love karly and her blog :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  15. Hi there! My name is Andrea-nothing fancy. It is the feminine of Andrew (I guess that seems pretty obvious), and it means "womanly," which for some reason bugged me when I was younger. I didn't know a ton of Andrea's growing up, but then I had a college roommate named Andrea. We always thought we were so funny asking "which one?" when someone would call for Andrea. Now that I write it, I'm sure it was more annoying than funny. It's more common now. My husband and I have given our boys unusual names, and I love them. I'm sure they'll be disappointed that they won't be able to find things at tourist places with their names already on them. Oh well:)

  16. I was named after a famous dancer named Cyd Charisse, which I think is pretty cool!

  17. My middle name Rae, was after my dads name of course Ray. Its funny my mom named me Stephanie because she figured nobody could make a "nickname" out of that! HA! My aunt when I was in high school pegged me with "Stephie! Really?! & sadly it stuck!

  18. I love your name it is so pretty!!! People always have trouble spelling my name, too :(

  19. I have a super boring and common name, but my name story is kind of funny. My parents were expecting a boy and they were going to name me Cole. When I arrived and had the wrong parts they threw a NI in front of the name they had picked out and here I sit today as Nicole.

  20. Such a cute post. My name is Star & I get asked all the time about it. I got my name because I was born on Christmas day! :) I'm also the Mother of Twin Daughters, who just turned Sweet 16! So I will be reading more of your Blog. I found you through SITS!

  21. Wow, that's definitely an unusual name story!


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