When You Have Nothing To Blog About

It's a common phrase I could hear myself telling me . "Shucks , you don't have anything to blog about . Right now , or later . Loser" . Okay , this is embarrasing . Myself shouldn't do it to myself .
I think I have managed a good ol' stuff to do when I have nothing to blog about . It works well because there're gazillions of things , waiting for me while I stare this white plain screen . Life is so darn hard sometimes. 
So if you're somebody like me , searching for a good pile of blogging stuff while you can't blog . Do :

Dust your laptop/desktop/tablet . You know how dirty it is right now . Because mine is really in need of a good dusting . 
Take some photos . My mind works well with good quality photos . So when I can't find anything to snap , I clean my camera and a good gem is found eventually . Believe me , works well .
Read your favourite book. Preferably an adventurous one so your mind would work fast . 
Make yourself a home made pizza . If only you can . I can't cook or bake so I can't treat myself which is miserable . 
Daydream a hangout with your favourite celebrity . I am picking Channing Tatum , John Cena and Angelina Jolie . Beverly Hills and hot pretzels , ah!
Pretend to be a 6 years old and buy yourself some puzzles to solve .
Get a manicure .
I really need to have it!!
Arrange a family meeting . With some biscuits , they'd be surprised and you can expect a treat (like a day at spa)
This is it , I think I should check my planner where I would have a lot other things to do before I finish this post and tick/cross that list . Good thing is that , Lappy is back . So I am back to my spirit and acting like a cheeky happy girl who just got her chocolate bar . It's just like that.

So when you have nothing to blog about , you can even blog about it!!!!!


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  1. Glad you got your laptop back. That's the most important thing about this post. I saw how happy you were on twitter about it!! Don't you just feel brand new!

  2. My go to when I don't have anything to blog about ---> watch Netflix! So lazy of me, I know, but oh well. I definitely need a mani too. My nails are pretty embarrassing right now. Argh! And I never stop daydreaming about meeting my fave celebs - Zac Efron, Mary-Kate and Ashley, Kristen Bell...sigh.

  3. I laughed when I read this! I feel the same way sometimes:)

  4. Great suggestions! But, I'm afraid I don't have lots of idle time. Busy, busy, busy! :( Enjoy your day, Noor! I hope I win your giveaway! haha

  5. YAY! Welcome back Lappy! :) Im so happy for you both!
    Sometimes when I have nothing to blog about, I read other blogs for ideas! :)

  6. Horray for Lappy's return!!! :D Enjoy and remember: BACK UP YOUR DATA!!! Lol :) Use Google Drive - it's a great way to back up important documents and such without worries :) I keep a journal/note in my phone when I have a blog idea pop up in my head so I always have something to say or whine about ;) Happy Monday Noor! -Iva

  7. Wait, do you already know that I'll hangout with Murat Yldirim? Put him on your list please! I need our selfies to put on blog! LOL!

  8. Nice ideas Noor! You're always so helpful...! Laundry could always be done over here!

  9. Lol! Nice post! Like you say, there's always something to blog about!!! Good to hear you got Lappy back ;)
    Take care

  10. great ideas for when you have nothing to blog about. and thanks for posting the giveaway!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  11. HURRAYYYYYY for having your laptop back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Cheat pizza for you: Use some Greek or Turkish Pita bread for the base, smear on some spaghetti paste, and put all your favourite veggies and cheese on top and bang in the oven, EASY!!
    In my daydreams I'd be hanging out with Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone :) xx


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