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Yesterday . I lost measure of time when I was told that Lappy was gone again . Why the heck dude has been so fragile? It consists half of my life (almost) data . Phew , it was solved but I'm getting more worried over it , probably it's going to get a R.I.P sign soon . Though I haven't started a hunt for new laptop yet, but I'm certainly going to . Unless it stops giving me mini heart-attacks.

Apparently , I look like this . All the time , well as long as I'm home . My exams are getting near and nearer , the fixed date is 18th March ,. Yikes , I literally didn't want them around at least till May . SHUCKS!

When I'm home , I need to be doing something . Eating , mirror singing , sleeping (yes it counts in) , surfing web and blah blah blah . It's that kind of information which is never needed , nope not even to me . Because when you realize what you're doing . It's either too late to realize and work is done or that work doesn't really matter . Sometimes I feel if there's a 30-ish lady speaks inside me , who's literally very wise . Though when it comes to act , I could probably be a 8-years old.

It is my latest addiction:

//Temple Run . This game is literally the craziest one I've ever played , my whole ideas about silly games were conquering Mario Bros and Princess of Zelda . Then came the Candy Crush Saga , okay it took me a lifetime to complete a few thirty-ish levels . Then it never moved from that level , never.
Eventually , I ended up having Temple Run on my tablet , the rest is a history now. I LOVE IT!
Ahem ahem , after TR , my one of the realist addiction is Twitter . Darn , I love to spend myself making up tweets that are way too relatable to my life atm . If you don't use Twitter for your blog , I don't know what are you doing with you (bloggy) life?
The best thing about Twitter is its chats . Where you use a specific hastag to keep up with a Twitter party and mingle with others . It's way too better than it sounds (or the way I'm telling , I would never be able to tell bedtime stories to kids)
Here me and Corinne from Skinnedcartree are starting a new Twitter chat, named #socialbloggers . In blogging , if you're social , you're cool . Unless , you just need to be social.

What's a Twitter Chat?
A Twitter Chat is when a group of people use a pre-discussed hashtag at a set time bring together a conversation in the style of a chatroom. I could say, for example, at 8pm let's all do a twitter chat and use #socialbloggers. You would search for the hashtag at 8pm, (or just before) tweet your hellos including the hashtag in your tweet. Everyone that is joining will see your tweet, and you will see everyone else's. 
They usually have a host, one person asking certain questions, then you answer them and reply to other uses. It's a great tool for learning and also networking. (thanks in advance , I copied it from you , Corinne)

We're SO excited to kick it off . Actually , I feel like doing that type of homework I just wanted to do , like drawing stick cartoons because back in 3rd grade, they were SO cool.
Just because it's the very first time for me , I'd like to ask you :
1. What topics do you like to discuss.
2. Do you have a question you would like to ask?
Keep with me Corinne and me on twitter for upcoming details . Chat topic will be announced soon then . Please spread the word so more people can join in #yay

FYI : The EST timing would be 1 at noon . This chat will be started from this Saturday and would happen every week .

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  1. Can't wait for the twitter chat.

    I've never ever got into Temple Run, but Candy Crush is a massive problem for me. I might need to join an additions therapy group to try and get over it..

    Corinne x

  2. So what time is that if you live in the central time of the USA? I want to join :)

  3. Awesome idea!


  4. Twitter chats are so so much fun!! It's today right??

    1. Thanks Corrine! Noor - thank you for linking up :)

  5. It's my first time here and I must say, you have such a pretty blog! <3 I'd like to join the twitter chat but I think I won't be home around that time! Maybe next time. Also looking into sponsoring your blog. :) I used to play Temple Run until I just decided to stop because it was taking up too much of my time and I started playing when I was at work. LOL


  6. Happy dance for the new chat! Tweetah addicted gal right here!

  7. Twitter chat! Hope I can be there.

  8. what a great idea!

    xoxo, K.Lee

  9. CAn't wait for this! Such a great idea!

  10. Hey that's a pretty cool idea. Good thinking girlies.
    Mirror singing.. is this when you listen to music and sing along while looking at yourself in the mirror? If that's what it is, I used to mirror sing all of the darn time when I was teenager. Loved it.

  11. You are sooooooo pretty!
    I suck at Temple Run!!
    What is mirror singing lol?!
    P.S How do you get your tweet there like that? Haha I need to be taught these things!!!

  12. Love this idea of twitter chat! I've tried temple run but I"m so impatient after 5 minutes I"m like. NO!

  13. Haha I play lots of puzzle games like sudoku, mahjong, and solitaire - I'm an old woman. I wont' be available (1PM US tme) but have fun!! :) OMG I need sleep like NOW!! Ahhhh --- best of luck studying for your finals girlie you got this! Happy Friday Noor! -Iva

  14. What a great idea! But what about a start time for us in USA?

  15. Woohoo.. this is awesome. I'm definitely joining you ladies although I can squeeze in only about 30 mins (acc. to our Indian time). Also, I cannot even begin to say how incredibly addictive Temple Run is. You should totally download Temple Run Oz and Temple Run Brave. Phew! They're awesome. And candy crush..well, I'm still stuck in level 8. I guess, I'm a really terrible player. tsk tsk.. Infact, I've been thinking of starting a twitter chat too. I can't wait to join yours today. :D

  16. Omg Temple Run is the most addicting game of all time. I can't even tell you how many times I chose it over doing homework when I was in school haha. And yeah, it's weirdly fun falling down... Also you're so so so pretty!

  17. oh, I've never tried Temple Run before. I'll need to try it!
    and thanks for linking up with Treat Yo' Self Thursday last week!


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