The Monday Returns

Happy surviving Monday everyone ,
I always hadn't hated Monday . I would always say that " come on people , it's just a day . That's after Sunday . A day after weekend is definitely killing , isn't it?" But certainly , I changed my mind , or Monday made me do that .
If you like creepiest creepy movies , like I do . We are probably aware of The Mummy Returns . I was 3 years old when it came out , so naturally I just watched it after I hit crazy 9-years. That was an age , man!
Well , I hated that movie , simply. Not because it was so creepy , just because it was super creepy .
Now when I hear "Monday" , it simply drags me back to the Mummy zone . Which , you everyone hates.

Just because a song writing career is my dream . I tried writing a film , oh yes . This chica is multitalented . The title is The Monday Returns , I've sorted out a creepy story which is apparently the story of every Monday in my life.

Cast : Noor (all alone)
Film starts:
At the night of Sunday , Noor started feeling anxious , it was something dangerous . Because anxiety on Sunday had always been a bad sign . For everyone . She thought she should eat more pizza so it might go away . She looked at clock , it was 11 pm already . Perfect , she microwaved the pizza and ate some pieces. But the anxiety didn't go away . It was getting tougher and tougher .
"Oh no , I think it's near . Monday is near" Noor thought , terrified . She tried playing Temple Run and Candy Crush Saga that kept her busy for almost two hours , but she couldn't get any better.
"I should sleep" , she said to her self while doing her most favourite thing , looking at mirror .
(random fact : Noor loves looking at mirror )
She went to bed and tried sleeping . After a while , her nap was broken by a baaaad dream , she saw it coming . It was near , MONDAY WAS NEAR!
There was no escape , nothing at the moment . So she clenched her pillows and slept in worry . 
*Trrrrrrrrrrnnnnn trrrrrrnnnnn* alarm was so loud that she woke up . Her red eyes told her it was here , the bad dream was coming into reality . "oh no , Monday has returned , I am helpless" she said painfully.
She ate some cereal and sandwiches because Mondays are always about eating healthy . There was a zero chance that she was getting her a single slice of pizza . Because on Monday , we eat healthy in breakfasts.

In school , in park and everywhere . Monday was around like a dirty villain whose fear was spreadaround . People couldn't talk because ....MONDAY!

Ugh ugh ugh , right when sun went down . Noor took a deep breath of relief that the power of Monday was half , it was almost gone . She could work in a peaceful state of mind . The return of Monday would always keep her paralyzed , it surely would .

I've a pretty lady on blog , Ashley from The Grits Blog . We suddenly became friends in blogosphere . I designed her blog too. Her blog has everything you'd want to read!!
Hello There! My name is Ashley. I LOVE to talk about makeup, food, and hair - and I think everyone around got me sick of talking about it all the time. So I created my outlet - The Grits Blog! I have ton to say and plan on keeping this blog around for a good, long while. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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  1. Haha I think that's a pretty awesome film Noor. For some reasons, I still couldn't bring myself to like Mondays ugh. It's like a frustrated lonely ghost that just won't leave your side. :D

  2. lol that was a fun film/short I too really don't like Mondays, mine started off pretty crappy but trying to make the best of it

  3. I think everyone feels the same about Mondays as you do! I like your little story of how your Monday came to be. I'm happy for you, that it is near the end. (You're 12 hours ahead of me.. so you it is close to midnight there, and only almost noon where I am.. lots of my Monday left!)

  4. Haha Mondays are rough - I've had awful tooth pain which is why I opted to work from home today. I'm grateful for that option. I've been on heavy medications to null the pain - thank you modern medicine. :) Hope you're having a great Monday love! -Iva

  5. lolololololol Monday's are the WORST, aren't they? I really think the calendar should be amended to add a day between Sunday and Monday ;)

  6. Mondays! The only thing I like about Mondays are we have a short schedule with the kids.(elementary schools only) so the kids have a half day. Thats the only good thing.

  7. Haha this is so clever! You should write more stories and shorts!!

  8. I look forward to Monday's so that I can just get over the worst day of the week and get on with my week. Know what I mean?

    Thank you for the feature :)

  9. I hate Mondays like really real. Sister, I feel you!

  10. A film?! You talented little lady ;) I totally heard in my head a dramatic "DUN DUN DUhhhhN" when I read this.

  11. I love ashley pink attire, Shes gorgeous.



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